Monster of the Day #209

I must admit, I share certain, er, body issues this fellow. Moreover, HGB first appeared (more or less) in The Simpsons via the Spacemutants movie Bart went to see one time.

  • Ericb

    You’re transparent?

  • Tork_110

    Ken’s third eye is how he catches all the glitches and errors that we normal movie watchers miss.

  • You are tri-ocular?

  • You got six arms? I thought Kirk had the most arms around here…

  • Rock Baker

    So which came first? This thing or Booger Beast from Freakazoid! ? I’m seeing a family resemblance between the two.

  • silverwheel

    Good work, Evans! You’ve got a future around here. *CHOMP*

  • Rock Baker

    Oddly enough, that was the one episode of The Simpsons I saw.