Monster of the Day #201

Another Paul Blaisdell classic.  The man deserves more attention, that’s for sure.

  • ‘The She Creature’. Anyone else find it disturbing that this thing has a bustline?

  • Reed

    That suit is wonderful!

    I did not notice the bustline until you pointed it out. Now I find the orifice on it’s adbomen with the little teeth around it intensely disturbing.

  • roger h

    On a all new season of “The Deadliest Catch”. . .

  • The Rev.

    One of the first things I noticed when first seeing this was the bust. And the hair. “Oh my god the monster’s got tits! And she’s a blonde! What the hell!?”

    OK movie, but I really dig the monster suit. I like her weird scales and her impractical but deadly hammer/claw hands. She’d totally fit in on “Zone Fighter.”

  • David Fullam

    What Blaisdell could have done with bigger budgets and more time? Wish we had the chance to know.

  • Gamera

    You mean this isn’t from ‘0’, the largly forgotten sequel to Bo Derek’s ’10’?

    I loved the scene with the intercutting between the She-Monster jogging though the surf in slow-motion while the horrified Dudley Moore tries to slit his wrists with a sand dollar.

  • I remember reading somewhere that those teeth on the abdomen actually worked. Blaisdell could make them open and close. I wish we could have seen that onscreen!

  • Rock Baker

    First, The She Creature hasn’t been Monster of the Day before now? ! ! ! ? ?

    Second, construction of the suit…. The bigger bust was director Edward Cahn’s mandate. The suit was reportedly not as well endowed when first presented to him. The ‘mouth’ in the belly isn’t a mouth. The teeth-like spikes are lunge hooks that allow the creature to bear hug prey to death. Cahn also nixed this idea as being “too gruesome” and overlooked their use. The dark area between the hooks provided ventelation for Blaisdell. Everywhere else the padding was thick enough that Blaisdell could take blanks at point blank range!

  • Tork_110

    Lance Fuller is one of the worst actors to appear in a MST3k movie. He mumbles every single line.

    We were this close to having the Creature karate chop him!