Monster of the Day #198

Calista Flockhart, no!

  • Tork_110

    YES! I was going to suggest this but I wasn’t sure if it had been done yet. I love this movie, even if I agree with your take on it.

    Have you seen the sequel? I’d like to hear your opinion about it.

  • Mr. Rational

    I like this movie probably more than it deserves.

  • BeckoningChasm

    I love this movie. I sleep now.

  • Ericb

    ok, give me a hint. Where is this from?

  • The Rev.

    Ericb, you don’t know this one? Man, get lost!

  • “Ericb, you don’t know this one? Man, get lost!”

    It’s true! This is a serious skeleton in your closet, my friend!

  • Ericb

    Ok, thanks, I got it now!

  • Gamera

    I can’t help but love how instead of taking a hacksaw and removing the eyebolt from the lost skeleton’s cranium they instead covered it with a big wad of putty.

    After seeing this movie now instead of doing lab work at my job- I say that I’m ‘doing science!’

  • Rock Baker

    I felt the sequel was actually a bit more fun. (I think I just expected too much from this one. That, and my inner war of accepting it as a comedy against wishing it were actually a straight B picture.) Now I understand Larry is working on a thrid film (!) to be called The Lost Skeleton Walks Among Us! I’m looking forward to it just to listen to the commentary track, since Larry’s crew provides some of the most fun commentaries you can find (and I’m not big on commentary tracks).

  • “I’m a scientist. I don’t believe in anything.”

  • “Things are not always important!”

  • Petoht

    “This horrible mutilation has a whole lot of people on a whole lot of edges.”

    I loved the circular, clunky dialogue. Also loved the husband and wife calling each other by their full names.

    The special features are worth watching too, as the actors talk about how they treated it as acting as an actor in a film.

    The best part about the sequel was probably Jungle Brad.

  • Rock Baker

    Yes, the man who wouldn’t think of going into the jungle without an umbrella stand provided plenty of laughs! “I’m pretty sure he’s sleeping this time!”

    Still, I find myself reflecting on Ranger Brad’s wisdom just as often (“I guess I’ve seen bears do things even a bear wouldn’t do”).

  • Tork_110

    Oh well.