Monster of the Day #197b

More Gwangi I had tucked away. Should have put these up yesterday, but hey, bonus.

  • Ericb

    Hardly a fair fight for the poor elephant. And who knew that Allosauruses were blue.

  • “And who knew that Allosauruses were blue?”

    It’s because the T-Rexes get all the good press.

  • Elizabeth

    One thing I love about paleontology: we don’t know that Allosauruses weren’t blue. Or hot pink! We just don’t know!

  • Ericb

    True, they could have had tiger stripes for all we know.

  • Rock Baker

    Great shots!

    I’m not sure what color the actual model was, but Gwangi is constantly changing color in the movie (blue, green, gray, etc.) due to, as I understand it, a new composite process that Ray didn’t have all the kinks worked out of yet. Just the same, I think The Valley of Gwangi may showcase some of Harryhausen’s very best work.

  • Tim Lehnerer

    I always dug this movie because it used an Allosaurus instead of a T-Rex. Allosaurus: The Other Lizard.

  • Sandy Petersen

    How can you say we didn’t know Allosaurs were blue. Just LOOK at him! Blue. And plastic-y. Just like the toys I still own.