Monster of the Day #197


  • Ericb

    ” Great, Mexican is my favorite!”

  • Tork_110

    I’ll chuck this kid at it to distract it!

  • nothing better than cowboys vs. dinosaurs.

    I particularly love the little kid’s tears at Gwangi’s sad demise, since there has been no evidence of any kind of pro-Gwangi sentiment on the film’s part up to them (unlike, say, Kong or Gamera). But since I, as a callow pre-teen, was sad for one less tyrannosaur in the world, it made sense to me that the on-screen kid agreed with me.

  • Rock Baker

    Movie law states kids cry when the monster dies, no matter how much pain and trouble he has caused. Looking at it another way, you could assume he was crying at the burning of his church. That was a great church, one of the largest I’ve ever seen!

    Great movie, The Valley of Gwangi, with everything it brings to the table. Dinosaurs, cowboys, Harryhausen, a great cast that includes one of my favorites (Richard Carlson) and the sexy Gila Golan, all capped off by one of the coolest opening themes of all time!

  • Ericb

    He’s also probably crying for all the paleontologists who would have loved to have had a living Allosaurus to study.

  • The Rev.

    The movie itself is good, but I LOVE Gwangi. He has so much personality (which, of course, was common with Harryhausen’s creations). Look at him, sneering away at those pitiful humans. Man he’s great.

  • Rock Baker

    The realy sad thing is that The Valley of Gwangi was a financial dud at the box office. If only the film had been made five years earlier, it would’ve been dynamite! Oh, well.