Monster of the Day #190

Well, at least this winter storm can’t get any wors…OH, COME ON!

  • Ericb

    So what .. is this a human/tortoiseshell cat hybrid?

  • KeithB

    I am pretty sure it is this:

    But if not, it would have worked, too!

    (Of course Jonny Quest fought a Yeti, so that would have worked, too!)

  • Ericb

    Of course I knew that. That was just my idea of humor.

  • Gamera

    I was thinking it’s the ‘monster’ from ‘Shriek of the Mutilated’.

    Course I may very well be wrong since I’ve never seen it or ‘Snowbeast’. I am sorry to say the only ‘Yeti’ movie I’ve seen is ‘Terror in the Midnight Sun’ which is IMHO the best movie I’ve ever seen of an alien Yeti being hunted down by a Laplander lynch mob.

    Well actually the only movie I’ve ever seen of an alien Yeti hunted down by a Laplander lynch mob…

    Anyway hope everyone is well, keeping warm here in my Gamera Snuggie- “It’s the shell with sleeves!!!’

  • roger h

    I this is the scene from “The Godfather” where Vito is playing with the grandchild in the garden and doing the orange rind just before keeling over.

  • KeithB

    Sorry I didn’t get the snark, but I liked the chance to post Lyz’ review.

  • roger h

    I am not sure what was the most frightening thing about “Snow Beast”. It was either Bo Svenson in ski pants or Bo Svenson in a hot tub.

  • BeckoningChasm

    This is what happens to Santa when Christmas falls under a full moon.

  • The Rev.

    For those uncertain, this is from Shriek of the Mutilated. There’s a similar screenshot in Dr. Freex’s review of said movie.

  • Quick! Someone call Yukon Cornelius and Hermie!

  • Rock Baker

    Oh, yes, Shriek of the Mutilated. The worst bigfoot/yeti movie ever made? If not, I’d say it has to be in the top three.

    Retromedia recently did a release of this turkey, but they made some edits (the print is pretty nice, for what that’s worth). Most noted is the removal of the hit pop tune “Popcorn” from the soundtrack, which I found after viewing the film a seocnd time in twelve years was actually the best part of the movie. Even more intrusive was that they played with the contrast in a flashback scene. I remember getting a good chuckle from this flashback, supposedly showing a yeti attack in the blinding snow, but we can see there isn’t a flake of snow anywhere to be seen! They were shooting out in the woods on what certainly looked like a cold day, but minus the snow the character kept going on about! In the Retromedia release, they’ve turned up the light and washed the image out. Now it looks like there’s snow, but you can’t see anything else! If you can, I’d suggest hunting down the old video copy* and watch that. I’ll warn you though, everything in this movie is inept, and worse, dull. The acting is bad, the script is bad, the lights, camerawork, editing, all terrible. I was stunned. I’ve seen plenty of poorly made drive-in movies, but this one was testing me something fierce!

    * I’m told there were two different video versions as well, one featureing “Popcorn” and one with genreic party music.

    A creepy thing about Shreik of the Mutilated is how everyone’s performance improves after the shock twist in the final act. I won’t go into it for the sake of those who haven’t seen it, but that the actors suddenly seem to be having fun with their parts is a little disturbing.

  • Gamera

    Wow, I was right for once??? Hold on I need to write this down!!!

    Someday I’d like to see this but I think Gangrene Widescreen probably pulled most of the ‘good’ stuff out of the movie including the plot twist Rock mentions.

  • roger h

    is there a good “big foot” movie?

    Some of the Yeti films are watchable, I wonder why they screw up “Big Foot”

    Is Courage the Cowardly Dog the only one that opined why the beast is not called “Big Feet”?

  • fish eye no miko

    Denver Pyle, no!

  • Rock Baker

    Good Bigfoot movies, though few, do exist. One of the best may be Creature From Black Lake (1974?). The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) has its fans, and for a bogus documentary isn’t bad. I hope that someday someone write a book about 70s bigfoot movies, as the genre is fairly large for a microgenre, but hasn’t been well represented.

  • sandra

    He really does look like her’s made out of old bathmats.

  • The Rev.

    Abominable, while maybe not good in a traditional sense, ended up being a good deal of bloody fun. Definitely high on the curve for Bigfoot movies.

    Braineater’s review of Black Lake sounded good enough to make me want to see it.

  • Rock Baker

    Let me know if you ever run across a scope version of Black Lake.

  • I’m hanging tough with the highly defensible claim that there are, in fact, NO good yeti or bigfoot movies. Probably the closest is Hammer’s Abominable Smowman, but even it is terminally slow and stagey.

  • That reminds me. I need to dig up a DVD-R of Bigfoot (1970) someday so I can review it.