Monster of the Day #188


  • KeithB

    This guy looks *much* better when actually animated.

  • Ericb

    Actually I think it looks pretty cool, like an image taken from a late 19th Century Post-Impressionist paining.

  • KeithB

    Which, of course, is essentially what it was. Nice that they managed to get the eye painted correctly!

  • Gamera

    Hey Pinky! Where are Blinky, Inky, and Clyde?

    If Pac-Man was inspired by a pizza with a slice missing were the ghosts inspired by Johnnie Quest? Never thought about it till now but dang other than having two eyes and a mouth they look alot alike to me.

  • roger h

    “We’re a little short on the character design budget this week, how about something simple”

  • Saved the best for Friday. If they make a ‘Johhny Quest’ movie, they better have the invisible monster in it.

  • Tork_110


  • Rock Baker

    Seems like Dr. Quest was either involved in 007/Indiana Jones type adventures, or he was facing terrors right out of 50s monster movies. This was a terrific episode, and the creature had a nice ghostly wail that really sold the sequences where it was moving through the jungle, unseen but leaving a trail of destruction behind. This one would’ve made a great movie. The monster itself sort of resembles the creatures in It Came From Outer Space. And, oddly, that spooky cry recalls the other-worldly sounds made by The Crawling Eye!

  • This was the very first Jonny Quest I ever saw and it really impressed me. You may say the monster is “simple”, but to me it looked unformed and terrifying. I was wowed. And it could howl.

  • BeckoningChasm

    This episode scared me as a kid, but I seem to remember being puzzled that the invisible monster left footprints, yet seemed to have no feet when revealed. Was that the case or am I misremembering?

  • Rock Baker

    It left craters behind, and seemed to have two feet and a wide stride (or else it would just discharge energy into the ground every few feet). I always assumed that the feet didn’t get covered in paint, although if the feet are UNDER the form that is covered in paint, there’s no way it would have such a wide stride. Let’s just say it discharged energy periodically.

  • The Rev.


    I guess Ken was too worn out by B-Fest to post anything today…

    Hopefully he’s working on a write-up for us poor souls who couldn’t go.

  • Rock Baker

    I hope he remembered to grab a poster for me, er, I mean, I hope he had a great time!