Monster of the Day #185


  • Ericb

    So, what exactly does this thing do, stare you to death?

  • KeithB

    I loved this creature.

    (It seems to me that the villians on this show could have made a *lot* more fame and fortune just selling their inventions publically! )

  • KeithB

    It was a robot spy.

  • roger h

    where’s H.E.L.P.E.R.?

  • Second greatest JQ monster after ‘The Invisible Monster’.

  • KeithB

    You should know, Mr. Hanna, and I agree.

    Though giant pterodactyls have a soft spot in my heart.

  • Reed

    Walking eye, Hank.

    Walking eye!

  • BeckoningChasm


    I saw what you did there.

  • Rock Baker

    Yes, ANY monster kid who saw the opening credits became an instant fan of Jonny Quest the second this thing popped up! That the episode itself has the feel of a 50s monster movie only makes it better.

    So can we expect to see the giant robot crawdad tomorrow?

  • KeithB

    Maybe we’re going with a different theme and it will be the Crawling Eye Creatures – after all it is the time of year for a ski vacation.

  • Rock Baker

    Hmmmmm. Green Slime, Robot Spy, Crawling Eye, Eye Creatures, Cyclops, “Cyclops” from Atomic Submarine, that eye monster from Freakazoid!, assorted Japanese critters, Beast with a Million Eyes (poster version), The Cyclops, the cyclops that Kirk Morris fought, Harryhausen’s centaur, a Space Ghost enemy or two, that Eye Creature-like monster from the Power Rangers show, sodajerk from Twilight Zone, Gigan, that Gigan-like critter from Babes in Toyland, those are some ocular monsters that spring to mind….

  • zombiewhacker

    Or better yet, how about Sandy Duncan?

  • John Campbell

    It doesn’t get any better than the original JQ…

    Zombiewhacker – you are a genius. That’s the best bit of “totally out of left field” silliness I’ve seen here!

  • Hey, Mr. Baker (or Mr. Rock?), there is also Gyodai, the one-eyed, monster-enlarging creature from the japanese series “Changeman”!

  • Rock Baker

    Not knowing the finer points of Japanese television, I stuck with the notation “assorted Japanese critters” to play things safe. I’m sure there are a couple more from other Asian countries to boot!

  • Rock Baker

    Oh, and I forgot about the cycloptic Green Slime-like invaders who took over Moon Base Alpha in that two parter of Space: 1999. Also, the Zero-X Mars exploration crew ran across those one-eyed rock snakes in Thunderbirds are Go!