Monster of the Day #183

And so ends another week of my beloved aquatic monsters.

  • The Rev.

    I recall you not being overly thrilled with it (maybe I misremember), but I thought it was a rather nice slab of cheesy fun. Although it was technically a better-made movie than Mega Pirahna, it wasn’t nearly as insane and thus I still prefer the latter.

    Although I really loved that scene with the guy on the scaffolding near the beginning. WOW. That was even more hilarious than the pirahnas’ tails sticking out of buildings, and even rivals the bicycle kick and the flare gun death.

    Sharktopus, you’ve devoured my heart!

    (Along with everything else.)

  • Actually, I haven’t seen it out. It’s out on disc in March.

    I have seen Devilfish, though; sort of the same thing.

  • Gamera

    Upon seeing this Aquaman’s first comment was: ‘WTH!?!’

  • The Rev.

    Not until March, huh? Eh, they’ll probably replay it at least twice before then. (Which reminds me, I REALLY need to catch the rest of Infestation next time it’s on. Or just hunt down the DVD.)

    As I’ve previously said, I felt Sharktopus was better as a movie in general: effects, cinematography, acting, plot, pretty much everything. It’s a bit slicker and more professional-looking. Not by a huge margin, but enough to be noticeable. MP is just more fun, because it’s so unrelentingly nuts. Sharktopus has its moments, but not nearly as many. That sense of “what the hell are they going to do next?” that pervades MP really makes up for the other parts of the movie, which are typical Asylum quality (i.e. little to no quality at all).

  • roger h

    that airbrushed woman looks so fake.

  • BeckoningChasm

    OT, but I just got a note that Warner Archives is offering “some” of their titles on sale. I think that probably still makes them too expensive, but here’s the link:,default,sc.html?src=EDWAC&adid=0111WACWintCarnEml

  • Rock Baker

    I don’t know. Some ideas just seem TOO wild, even to my still child-like love of creative monsters. At least the Devilfish was an orginal creature that happened to have elements of a shark and octopus. This thing is just two creatures tossed together without any thought of aesthetics. It looks like someone had a fun idea that failed to translate into a workable model.

  • fish eye no miko

    [looks at bottom middle]

    Tentacoo wape?

  • The Rev.

    Rock: I admit that it wasn’t what I was thinking off, but the design kind of grew on me as the movie progressed.

    This could very well be attributed to my love of kaiju, however; some of the monsters I’ve seen in Gamera movies, tokusatus series and “Ultraman” knock-offs blow Sharktopus here out of the water, so to speak, in terms of aesthetics and slapped-togetherness.

  • Rock Baker

    I’ll buy that.

  • Tork_110

    Pfft. Sharktopus still looks fake.

  • The Rev.

    I do agree; he’s not at all realistic. I just like him anyway.