Monster of the Day #181

Man, I’ve got to say, life isn’t what it was back in the ’50s.

  • BeckoningChasm

    I think I would have to say that the artist does not know what a “rabbit” looks like, nor is he clear on the concept of “white.”

    Unless this is illustrating the “Sexually Normal” article, in which case I don’t think I want to read that one.

  • Ericb

    “Unless this is illustrating the “Sexually Normal” article, in which case I don’t think I want to read that one.”

    Maybe they were aiming this issue at the Japanese market.

  • roger h

    20 years later “The White Rabbit” made an attempt on the life of President Carter.

    No doubt “the white rabbit” was driven by heated political rhetoric.

  • roger h

    wow, jokes aside, that sounds like one special operative:

  • Rock Baker

    Once again, an absolutely spectacular piece of art from the heyday of men’s magazines. The shame here is that the majority of these great artists cranked out countless masterpieces like this and remained unknowns. (And today are a lost breed, since movie posters and magazines seem to use only photos any more.)

    I wonder if Arch Hall read the White Rabbit spy story, and kept some of those elements in his memory before making The Nasty Rabbit. (I’m sure there’re no other connections between the two other than spies and the word ‘rabbit’ but I find the idea amusing.

  • roger h

    Eegah, why rabbits? Who eats rabbits? Now infected cows. . .

  • Reed

    All this time I’ve just assumed that I was sexually normal, but since I can’t use the 25-point check-list (developed by Dr. Shailer Upton Lawton, no less) I’ll never really know. :(


  • roger h

    I have a one question sexuality quiz:

    when you look at this cover, are you thinking about:

    a) The octopus

    b) the man

    c) the spear gun

    d) the white rabbit with his gentle red eyes looking at you in a trusting soulful manner. . .

  • Rock Baker

    I think of the octopus. I think that means I’m a sex fiend, if I’m following my Freud correctly.

  • fish eye no miko

    roger h said: “Eegah, why rabbits? Who eats rabbits?”

    Uh, I’ve eaten rabbit… is it really that odd?

    And also:

    “I have a one question sexuality quiz:
    when you look at this cover, are you thinking about:”

    Well, I’m thinking of “b) the man” but than I’m female, so I’m probably skewing the results…

    If that one tentacle was tilted differently, he’d look naked! W00T!

  • GalaxyJane

    I love rabbit, but then I also spend a lot of time trying to outrun my redneck heritage. Generally unsuccessfully whenever it comes to either food or politics.

    I think he has awesome legs though. No *not* the octopus. Perverts.

  • The Rev.

    I’ve had rabbit, and much like frog legs, much reaction was, “Meh. It’s all right.”

    Turtle, though, I rather liked.

    Rock: They still keep the tradition alive in Japan with the posters. Foywonder’s put up a couple of collections of them on his blog in the past. Most of the ones he shows are for Asylum and similar companies’ movies, and it’s amazing how great they look compared to the movies themselves.

    My fervent wish is to get some of the ones for the Heisei Godzilla movies, which are spectacular, GvMG and GvB in particular. The ones for GMK and Final Wars are pretty swank, too.

  • Rock Baker

    I had rabbit when I was very young, and I thought it was delicious. Haven’t had it since, though, since its not a common supermarket item.

    I’ve seen the 90s Godzilla posters, and they do look nice. One odd thing though is that there were no people on them. I guess Toho knows what folks are coming to see.

  • The Rev.

    Damn right. Too bad Kitamura didn’t remember that when he gave us the adventures of a bunch of anime-haired Matrix-inspired mutant alien ninjas. *sigh*

    Honestly, though, the human characters in the Heisei series were pretty week, except for GvB, which is one of the reasons it stands among the best of the serires. I can see not wanting to focus on them.

  • John Campbell

    Wait, Fish eye no miko is a woman??

    And my answer to the quiz is “a”.

    What? I accept my pervitude!

  • I like both octopus AND rabbit. But not in the same dish. Any image is improved mightily by the addition of an octopus I feel.

  • Also, I haven’t been sexually normal since seeing Double Agent 73

  • Rock Baker

    On the Godzilla posters, it is a true statement that there weren’t that many memorable people outside of Biollante, though Mickey remained in each until that series died. I think in American terms, which state you must have a girl on the poster with the monster (next to a man-of-action to draw the ladies). Man-Girl-Monster, it works every time.

  • fish eye no miko

    John Campbell said: “Wait, Fish eye no miko is a woman??”


  • The Rev.

    Rock: For me, Miki Saegusa wasn’t memorable in a “man, that was a fun/neat/great character” way, but more in a “aw, shit, her again!?” way.

    On the other hand, Mayumi Nagamine would’ve been welcome on the Heisei Gamera movies’ posters.

    Speaking of which, I found an image of a poster done for Gamera 2: Advent of Legion which I want. It’s pretty simple in style and content, just the two main monsters; however, the Legion are some of my favorite antagonists in kaiju history, especially the “queen,” which is enough to make me want it.

  • Rock Baker

    Well, Rev, I gotta say I feel the exact same way about Miki! But I figure she was a popular enough character in Japan for them to keep bringing her back. I do remember thinking that she was really cute in Biollante, but to be honest I don’t remember thinking the same about her in the subsequent films. By the third time around, she was just annoying.

  • The Rev.

    It’s been quite a while since I saw GvB, so I don’t remember my thoughts on her first appearance. I know that she grated on me in her other appearances.

    I can only assume a lot of people liked her to have her recur so many times, despite our feelings to the contrary.