Monster of the Day #180

Sort of a follow-up to yesterday’s MotD. It’s amazing the difference sixty-five years of special effects advancement had wrought.

  • KeithB

    Actually I think it proves the power of inflation, since these guys probably spent the same amount in actual dollars ($100 say) as the guys yesterday.

    If that makes any sense.

  • The Rev.

    Man that costume is GOLD.

    Unfortunately, just thinking about this movie, I know I’m going to once again end up with that goddamn song in my head, so thanks so VERY bloody much for that, Kenneth.

  • Ericb

    You know, considering they filmed the thing in humid, subtropical Florida I’d imagine that the werejellyfish costume was quite uncomfortable.

  • Do the Jellyfish! The jilla jalla jellyfish!

  • Gamera

    I want a sequel where the Portuguese Man of War man fights the Skunk Ape for control of the Everglades!

  • Wella, I’m saying fella / Forget your Cinderella / And do the jella / The jilla-jalla jella! / It’s really swella / To do the jalla Jellyfish! / Monkey, don’t be a donkey / It’s nothing like the Monkey! / It isn’t funky or anything that’s junky! / It’s something swella! / The jilla-jalla Jellyfish!”

  • P Stroud

    This effect is much more entertaining than “Avatar” or “Transformers” or pretty much most CGI.

  • BeckoningChasm

    There was some really nice scenery in that movie. Probably the “mass jellyfish attack” scene was the funniest.

  • The Rev.

    ………and there above, in their own words, is the proof that Ken and Sandy hate me. *sniffle*

  • Well, that and the fact we keep saying things like, “Man, I really hate the Rev.” Sort of a giveaway, really.

  • Rock Baker

    Ah, Sting of Death, so much of what I love you put forth with reckless abandon. A 1960s regional drive-in monster movie filled with bikini gals, Neil Sedaka songs, a creative (if poorly realized) monster concept, and airboats (man, those look like fun)!

    Sting of Death actually sums up the way I feel around here pretty well. It’s like having a gal, who you think is just perfect, but everyone else calls her ugly.

  • Reed

    If it really proved the power of inflation the jellyfish head wouldn’t be visibly sagging in this picture.

  • Rock Baker

    That’s actually one of the balloon’s better moments. You should see it sag in later shots! Actually, I must pause to give propper respect for the man with his head encased, Mr. Doug Hobart (who can also be seen as the stinging victim on the patrol boat). The mask really was almost air-tight. They’d pump up the balloon before a scene, but within a minute or two, Doug would be breathing stale air. That he’d go to such trouble for what is a suprememly goofy-looking monster in a hardly-remembered drive-in flick, gives me awe.

    Another wacky element is that the burn makeup looks shockingly realistic, but the monster looks like THAT!

  • sandra