Monster of the Day #178

Have a good weekend, everybody!

  • roger h

    You know, the shark actually looks sorry for the guy.

    “Bummer dude, I hear those octopi can be really gnarly.”

  • Gamera

    Looks like a job for Aquaman!

  • Ericb

    Shark to diver: “Wow, you know, I feel bad about this. Sorry dude, but it just isn’t your day and a shark’s gotta do what a shark’s gotta do.”

  • Ericb

    Sorry, I have to amend this:

    Shark to diver: “Wow, you know, I almost feel bad about this, but, sorry dude, it just isn’t your day and a shark’s gotta do what a shark’s gotta do. If it any consolation the octopus is dessert”

  • roger h

    “oop, here comes one of the big sharks, gotta go dude, good luck with that octopus”

  • It’s nice to see horrors of the deep cooperating so well together. It makes my socialist heart sing.

  • You’re way off, Sandy. The octopus is clearly a small business owner running a food delivery service: “We grab ’em, you gulp ’em.”

  • The Rev.

    Maybe it’s just the perspective, but MAN that is one big tintorera.

  • Not really. The snorkler is Billy Barty.

  • roger h

    Mr.Begg, I was a fan of Billy Barty, I have met Billy Barty. Ken, that diver is no Billy Barty.

  • Rock Baker

    When it rains it pours, even under water.

    Where’d you dig up this image? Another fine example of adventure art!

  • It just popped up doing a Google search. I snagged it, of course.

  • KeithB

    How my Bad Day Got Worse.

    What do you stab first?
    The shark?
    The Octopus?

  • fish eye no miko

    [looks at lower left corner]

    Tentacoo wape?