Monster of the Day #172

They don’t make ’em like this anymore…and the world’s a sadder place for it.

  • I wonder if Rankin/Bass were sued for calling their villian Dr Who in this film.

  • The Rev.

    Poor Gorosaurus. I was happy to see him positively contribute to the fight against King Ghidorah in DAM.

    Is he the MotD, since you’ve done Kong, or is it this version of Kong? I guess I hope it’s Toho Kong, since Gorosaurus should at least get a picture of himself on his feet, or kangaroo kicking KG or something, not a shot of him at his lowest point.

  • Ericb

    “I wonder if Rankin/Bass were sued for calling their villian Dr Who in this film.”

    They spell it Doctor Hu.

  • roger h

    no Doc, you got me, I’ll go, no, not the jaw thing, nooo…aaah…ugh…gurgle…gasp.

  • Ericb

    Slightly off topic but I thought some might enjoy the following article:

    The Science of Godzilla

  • Rock Baker

    Didn’t the pressbook spell it Dr. Who? I think the character was one of the carry-overs from the cartoon series.

    I could never understand why the other monsters/props/effects looked fantastic and Kong looks like a halloween costume. If not for Kong’s moth-eaten, mindless look, King Kong Escapes would be just about the perfect movie! (And he looks a lot better in the photo than he did in the movie!)

  • roger h

    As Rock said, Kong doesn’t look very good and I never knew the Rankin-Bass connection (probably because they cut out the kid). So, I put the two thoughts together. Eureka! They recycled Bumble from the Rudolph special!

    Have you ever seen them photographed together?

  • Were I Bumble I would take severe exception to that.

  • Bruce Probst

    Just thought I’d mention this in passing … there’s got to be a new SyFy movie here, right?

  • roger h

    Ken said: “Were I Bumble I would take severe exception to that.”

    has Ken B, Bumble, and Kong ever been photographed together? Was it photoshopped?

  • The Rev.

    Ken is not nearly hairy enough to be the Bumble or Kong.

    Of course, he could just be carefully dilapilating himself before appearances…

  • zombiewhacker

    At least Kong’s costume here is better than it was in KKvG.

  • Rock Baker

    Yes, that’s true, but it doesn’t answer the question of why everything ELSE looks spectacular while Kong looks like… this.