Monster of the Day #170

I’m actually not a big fan of this film, but man, there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

  • Ericb

    The Creature from the Black Lagoon with a piranha grafted onto his face.

  • BeckoningChasm

    Is that “The Monster Squad”? That’s a pretty good sea creature, whatever it is, and it’s a pretty fresh variant on the Gill-Man (as opposed to an outright copy).

  • Monster Squad is a big fave with me. It won me over with the opening scene when it accurately portrayed the presence of armadillos inside Dracula’s castle.

    I also liked the way it had all the mosnters just ever-so-slightly out of copyright.

  • fish eye no miko

    Monster Squad! With Jonathan Gries (aka, Lazlo from Real Genius) and Duncan Regehr (aka Charles from the original V).

  • Rock Baker

    I saw this on the tube once. Wasn’t my kind of flick, but I do like this gillman (he’s not THE gillman, but he’s a pretty nifty offshoot). Only thing is, what was he on screen for, 45 seconds? As long as they had the suit, they should’ve filmed a quickie sea monster flick with it. But alas, no.

  • P Stroud

    That’s actually a pretty cool monster suit and much more scary than any of this current CGI schlock.

  • sandra

    I liked Monster Squad a great deal. I saw it in a theatre, at a bargain matinee. I was the only person over twelve there, but the kids were well-behaved. A couple of things – like the significance of Scary German Guy’s concentration camp tattoo – went right over their heads, of course. Who could not love a movie that ends with Frankenstein’s Monster being sucked into a vortex, clutching a toy dog ?

  • The Rev.

    I’ve never seen this.

    That is a damn cool suit, though.