Monster of the Day #158

So I was thinking, what would be the laziest possible follow-up to yesterday’s MotD…

  • P Stroud

    The easiest follow-up? A Llama?

  • The Rev.


  • roger h

    A Møøse once bit my sister …

    No realli!

  • David Fullam

    Still the single greatest pataphysical way to kill a monster ever.

  • Frank Bauroth

    I was attacked by a holy cow in India once.

  • Ericb

    Now that was what I wes expecting when I first saw Beast with a Million Eyes.

  • How about a huge hedgehog yelling “Dimsdale? Dimsdale?”

  • Petoht

    A strange little part of me would love if all CG monsters and aliens in modern movies were to be replaced with Terry Gilliam’s… “animations”.

  • The Rev.

    john: Or a gigantic cat that eats buildings?