Monster of the Day #154

And now, contestant Sandy Petersen, it’s the second round of “PAUL NASCHY OR NOT?”

  • BeckoningChasm

    It’s probably that Javier Molina Alvarez guy, the one who was the world’s best Paul Naschy imitator.

  • I’m going with this is Naschy, from Dr. Jekyll vs. the Werewolf. If not too bad, but that film is definnitely a contender for Worst Master Plan.

    Dr. Jekyll (a descendent of the original doctor) comes up with this idea to cure Waldemar Daninsky of his lycanthropy – he will inject Waldemar with the Hyde formula. Then, on the night of the moon, both the werewolf AND Hyde will emerge within his body, and war for victory, “destroying each other”. I was very excited upon hearing this plan.

  • Rock Baker

    Man, I’ve GOT to see more of Naschy’s movies! This one sounds like a blast!

  • zombiewhacker

    Rock, this was Naschy’s first werewolf movie. Have you seen this one:

  • P Stroud

    Good old Euro-horror. Normally incoherent and incompetent but almost always a lot of fun. Compare it to today’s SyFy or Lionsgate output and one wonders what happened to the fun.

  • Rock Baker

    ZW, I haven’t seen it yet (except for stock shots that turned up in Fury of the Wolfman), but the trailer has been making me drool for years now! Spanish and Mexican genre flicks haven’t gotten the best releases for my tastes. More and more are being issued scope, but are more often than not subtitled. I’ve always felt the dubbing was half the fun!

  • zombiewhacker

    Rock, just click on the link I posted. The entire movie is now on Youtube. Decent video quality, too. (Though not good enough for full screen viewing.)

  • Rock, I strongly urge you to look up Naschy’s werewolf films at a minimum. They are rife with cognitive dissonance – the wolfman looks like the old Universal makeup, but the films are filled with gore and nudity. In one of them evil mostly-naked witches control the werewolf. In others equally wacky things happen, such as in the Dr Jekyll vs. Wolfman film I mentioned earlier.

    I also recommend such classics as The Hunchback of the Morgue where the titular hunchback not only gets some loving from a hot blonde scientist, but he seeks out a different, mad, scientist to serve. There’s an acid bath, corpses eaten by rats, and the sympathetic hero commits like 13 murders. I showed it to Ken B. and as I recall it got two thumbs up – he was particularly pleased to see the acid bath in action.

  • just to make clear, the hunchback is played by Naschy.

  • Reed

    Am I the only one that giggles like a schoolgirl any time someone uses the word “titular”?

  • Rock Baker

    ZW, thanks for the link, but I do have this little bugaboo about watching movies in a format where I can’t record it while I watch. If I get to wanting to watch it again later, say a few years down the road, I like to have it on hand. Something about watching a movie on YouTube just seems like a cheat to me. I know, none of this makes sense, its just a private hang-up I have!

    Sandy, I’ve never avoided Naschy’s films, and I hope to someday own most, if not all, of them. Sadly, the only two I’ve been able to get my fingers on so far have been Fury of the Wolfman (which serves up a sort of ‘best of’ clip show during the rampage scenes) and Assignment: Terror (or rather Dracula vs Frankenstein, which must be the TV version, since everything remotely exciting has been cut out). Both are cropped, battered public domain prints, but I have those two if nothing else. Eventually I’m going to stock up on Naschy movies, and I hope I will be able to find scope versions of the dubbed US prints when I’m able to do so. Naschy’s werewolf cycle is just one of many genres I hope to explore more of in the future, my curiosity/interest ranging from the Ginger movies to Mexican fantasy flicks for kids.

  • The Rev.

    Rock re: Mexican kiddie movies: Have you seen that one I talked about in a prior T-Fest review? The one with Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb? If not, I highly recommend you find it, because it is GLORIOUS. Even better than Santa Claus, in my opinion.

  • Rock Baker

    The only one, sadly, that I managed to get ahold of in a complete form was the first Little Red Riding Hood. A film that might out-weird Santa Claus (which I’ve only seen on MST)! So, I’m eager to collect many more of these gems! Only a matter of time….

  • The Rev.

    Yeah, I saw that first one years ago, and loved it. I was thrilled about there being a sequel, although I wish I’d known about it years ago. Also, I now have to find the Tom Thumb movie that came before (which was apparently called “Pulgarcito,” and was the original name of the character as well.)

    Oddly enough, I just found out that Tom Thumb was played by the same kid that was “Pedro” in Santa Claus.

  • Rock Baker

    I’ve seen the trailer for Tom Thumb on the Something Weird DVD of The Mighty Gorga. Looks pretty wild (so much so it even eclipses the George Pal version for all-out insanity!) making me wonder who would win the battle for downright psycho fantasy films filled with incredible imagery, Mexico, or Russia?

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