Monster of the Day #153

I’m not a drinker, but sometimes just staying up too late and eating waaaay too much food (especially sweets) has the same effect: You just don’t want to get out of bed the next morning.

  • The Rev.

    It’s one of the rare ones I do not recognize at all.

    It looks like Rasputin or something.

  • jeeze, took you long enough to get to Naschy.

  • First, there’s a surprising paucity of good Waldemar pics to be found on the Web.

    Second, that’s not Naschy.

  • Rev, if you really have seen this one, you’re in for a REAL treat. Definite Fest contender.

  • fish eye no miko

    Why am I suddenly hearing Ben Stein’s voice?

  • Gamera

    Don’t want to give it away this early but is this an Amicus film with Peter Cushing and Chris Lee on a train in Siberia under attack on the inside from a monster on board and the outside from Telly Savalis (sp?) as a cossack?

  • And it has one of the ten greatest lines I’ve ever heard in a horror movie.

  • The Rev.

    If it’s the movie Gamera guessed at, I have heard of it and know the title, but no, have not ever seen it.

  • Great, great flick. Not the best horror film that Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, or Telly Savalas were ever in, but a damn entertaining one.

  • Rock Baker

    Horror Express, the movie with a little bit of everything! First tape I ever ran across without any sort of leader. No tracking space, no FBI warning, you put the tape in and the movie starts at once. I tried to rewind the tape three times before I figured this out. That’s the copy I still have of this little gem.

  • Man with No Face

    @ Cullen:

    I’ll bite. What WAS the best horror film Telly Savalas was ever in?

  • Gamera

    So is it ‘Horror Express’? I saw it probably about twenty years ago and liked it but still haven’t gotten around to picking it up on DVD yet. The Rasputin sorta monk with the glowing eyes was hard to forget.

    And the best line was something Cushing said along the lines that neither him or Lee could be possessed by the alien because they were British I think. Could someone fill me in with the exact quote?

    BTW: Welcome back Rock. Just got my home computer back a couple weeks ago after having it down for two months waiting for a defective video card to make it’s way back to the company and then the replacement to get back to me. Having to do all my computer stuff during slow times at work was annoying.

  • Rock Baker

    Thanks, Gamera, it’s good to be back!

  • Man with No Face – Bear in mind this is, of course, personal preference, but I love Mario Bava’s Lisa and the Devil. That’s the full version, mind, and not the reportedly horrible House of Exorcism

    Don’t get me wrong. I love Horror Express. I just think Lisa and the Devil edges it out.

  • Rock Baker

    I saw House of Exorcism, and I got the impression the origional version would be much better. But then, the source film looked less like a blatant ripoff of a recent boxoffice smash, and more like an old fashioned who-done-it. Of Robert Alda’s added scenes, I remember reflecting on the new climax and thinking alternatley “I admire his stick-to-it’ve-ness” and “It really shouldn’t be that difficult, should it?”

  • That’s not Paul Naschy?! Whoa – he sure is doing a good job of channeling the dude.

  • David Fullam

    OH HELZ YES! One of the all time greats, and the best red eye monster till Molasar showed up.

  • Molasar?! Dude – I use The Keep in my lectures on horror as the primo example of how to bungle it and do everything wrong.

  • alex

    I love Horror Express. A great, fun, old school horror flick. Pujardov the mad monk was my favorite character in the film. Argentinian actor Alberto De Mendoza stole the movie IMHO. Not a bad feat when you have Lee, Cushing and Savalas to compete with.

  • zombiewhacker

    The other line I love from this film belongs to Savalas: “Bah, we’ve got lots of innocent monks.”

    Anyone interested in seeing a really bad movie from the same two writers who penned Horror Express should check out the George Sanders flick, Psychomania. (Ken’s already seen it I’m quite sure.)

  • P Stroud

    Hay! Psychomania is one of the greatest biker movies ever made. It’s where I learned that British Bikes, when they die, are buried sitting straight up on their bikes in such a way that the head is above ground.

    Now, Terror Express, is one of the best Hammer Horrors ever made. Too bad it wasn’t made by Hammer.