Monster of the Day #151

Kind of a follow-up to yesterday. Forty years didn’t exactly advance the special effects, but endearing still.

  • The Rev.

    The first movie was rather better, but I did like this scene, and the follow-up with the guy shooting these in between fixing the plane, and keeping tabs of his kills.

    I also dug the spiky whatsit in the cave. I was sad when it took a stalactite to the spine.

    Endearing…that’s a perfect word for the pterodactyls in those two movies. They’re stiff and totally fake-looking but I love ’em anyway.

  • David Fullam

    Saw it on the big screen when it came out.

  • Rock Baker

    Fun stuff for sure. I remember thinking the miniature work in this (the ship, the plane) had moments of being just perfect. We tend to champion the Japanese, but all too often overlook the skill for building minature sets and effects the Brits had (Or the US for that matter, the Lydecker effects in those Republic serials are even more impressive when one considers the rushed and underfunded conditions they had to work in. I think Spy Smasher was one of theirs, check out the submarine sequences near the end and you’ll see what I mean).

  • fish eye no miko

    [honking sound]
    Hey, watch where you’re goin’, jerk!

  • sandra

    I wish someone would mention the name of the movie. I’m thinking either LAND TIME FORGOT or PEOPLE TIME FORGOT.

  • BeckoningChasm

    I think it’s the Dino De Laurentiis remake of King Kong. “Forty years” being the hint.

  • The Rev.

    Sandra: This is, indeed, The People That Time Forgot.

    I don’t know of another movie with a biplane fighting a giant plastic pterodactyl.

    Which is a damn shame, really.

  • P Stroud

    Some of the very very best miniature work I ever saw was in a mostly forgotten but neat little Brit SciFi flick called “Journey to the Far Side of the Sun” starring Roy Thinnes. Some of the work is so good you really have great difficulty telling that is is miniature work at all.

  • Rock Baker

    Indeed. Derek Meddings’ rocket launch is one of the best such effects ever used in the movies!