Monster of the Day #148

And…cue Yakety Sax.

  • The Rev.

    Dammit, Ken, now all I can hear is Yakkety Sax in my head when I look at this picture.

  • Ericb

    What is Yakety Sac?

  • KeithB

    The “theme” from Benny Hill.

  • Reed

    Poor Yakety Sax. :( It’s actually a very good pop composition for the saxophone. It has been permanently tied in to so many lame comedy sketches over the years.

    I do not know what movie this comes from, but I greatly admire the young lady’s ability to boldy point the way forward.

  • David Fullam

    It’s “Horny-Saurus!”

  • BeckoningChasm

    I think the original “Yakety Sax” was by Boots Randolph.

  • The Rev.

    Reed: I’m pretty sure this is from When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth. That’d be Victoria Vetri, former Playboy Playmate, and her pet Madeupasaurus.

  • What do you mean? It’s clearly a baby Rhedosaurus.

  • The Rev.

    Mmmm…..maybe. I might buy that.

  • Rock Baker

    I can’t confirm this, but I read that the producer or director or someone important involved with the production of When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth insisted on this dinosaur for the main monster because the posture of more traditional erect carnosaurs reminded them of homosexuals. An odd position to take, but we got a terrific dinosaur for it.

    I know Vetri made a few other films, but I’m sure her real claim to fame is nothing other than this flick. Well, there was her stint as a playmate, that crowd usually doesn’t forget anyone, but I knew Victoria as a kid and it was thanks to this one film. I think she was also the lead in Invasion of the Bee Girls, but I can’t say it was anywhere near as memorable as her dinosaur flick. (And that’s not a fur bikini joke, believe it or not!)

  • Rock Baker

    I guess its also common knowledge that Vetri had a nude scene cut from US prints prior to release. Word has it the European cut leaves the scene intact. While it didn’t really add anything to what was going on, I have to say the missing scene is easy to notice if you’ve watched a lot of movies. Maybe a nice collector’s release will come out one of these days, and include the overseas version as an option. (Wade Williams included the British cut of Invaders From Mars for his DVD release. In a shocking turn of events, I actually like the British print moreso than the US one!)