Monster of the Day #145

UPDATE: Bonus shot!

Sadly, he never ran into The Black Scorpion.

  • BeckoningChasm

    No idea on this one. He did get a nice Ken doll to play with, though.

  • roger h

    Valley of Guangi(sp)?

  • Talisman

    Gwangi! GWANGI! GWANGI!!

    Gwangi is awesome.

  • The Rev.

    I think this is the Beast of Hollow Mountain. I’m pretty sure Gwangi had smaller eyes and, being a Harryhausen, more detail. I haven’t seen either in ages, but I recall that shot up top being from BoHM.

  • David Fullam

    It’s poofasaurus from Beast of Hollow Mountain.

  • roger h

    I was wrong again, never realize how many films I have not seen. However, in the diverse genre of cowboy and dinosaur movies I can see where I would get confused.

  • Gamera

    Personally I think it’s pretty cool looking, there’s a lot worse dinosaurs in film than it.

    BTW if I may veer off subject a little, I just saw the passing of Lesie Nelson. He’ll always be Captain JJ Adams to me. I’ve half a mind to pull out ‘Forbidden Planet’ when i get home. He will be missed,

  • Gamara

    Sorry that would be Neilson not Nelson… my spelling :(

  • roger h

    for me there is no better SF film than “Forbidden Planet” so, I agree with you Gamera on what character I think of when I remember Leslie Neilson.


  • The Rev.

    That shot with the bull…it’s gotta be TBoHM.

    I recall this movie dragging, which was the main reason I liked VoG better (well, that and the Harryhausen dinos).

    RE: Leslie Nielsen: The first thing I thought of when I heard the news was him, shirtless and fighting a grizzly bear in the rain. Which says a lot about me, I suppose. (Mostly that I STILL haven’t seen FP. It’s on the DVR, though, it’s only a matter of time, I swear!)

    He’s gonna be missed, big time. Rest well, sir.

  • KeithB

    The tongue on the bull definitely sells it.

  • Actually, the dinosaur also has a very active, Gene Simmons-like tongue which is always flailing about. It’s pretty goofy.

  • roger h

    I think “Beast of Hollow Mountain” was the alt title to “Death in the Afternoon”.

  • KeithB

    It is interesting that they got the scale pretty much right.

    I don’t get the Black Scorpion reference, though.

  • @gamera

    Just heard Irvin Kirshner, director of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ has died also.

    There was a great disturbance in the force today…

  • Keith — Both films take place in Mexico.

  • Ericb

    Add in Glen Manning and they could have quite the party.

  • KeithB

    Thanks. I should have known by Ken’s striped pants.

  • dan

    Ooh, The Dino versus Black Scorpion. Now THAT would’ve been something to see….

  • The Rev.

    Man, I forgot about Beast’s tongue. That was pretty amusing. After seeing the MSTing of The Giant Gila Monster, I would quote it at TBoHM. “I’m your boyfriend now, blalalalalalaaa!” <—dubious approximation of the sound Joel and the 'bots made to represent tongue waggling

  • David Fullam

    Not only the tongue, but the run. I got the feeling he was in touch with his feminine side.

  • sandra

    Re Leslie Neilson: celebrities always die in groups of three. if one dies, two othere will be dead within a week. If Irvin Kirschner is the second one, I wonder who #3 will be ? The interesting thing about Neilson is that he had two careers: first as a serious actor, and then, at an age where most men are thinking about retirement, he was cast in AIRPLANE and reinvented himself as a clown. I wonder if TCM will do a Leslie Neilson day ?

  • John Campbell

    Comedy Central has been running Leslie Nielson movies.

  • John Campbell

    Airplane is a lifelong favorite. Sae it in theaters when it first came out. Surely it’s a true classic.

    *Editor Ken – yes it is and stop calling me Shirley!*

    (The part of Ken was played by me. Forgive my sins oh mighty Jabootu!!)