Monster of the Day #143

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Hold your loved ones close. And remember, you are what you eat.

  • BeckoningChasm

    Ha! I think I was going to suggest this one…(if this is Blood Freak).

  • David Fullam

    What I told Frank Henenlotter on FaceBook.

    As a Born Again Christian, I always shake my head and wonder “why?’ when it comes to many TV Shows and Movies marketed at my faith. But knowing I live in a world where a drug addicted turkey man prays to God and gets the girl makes me very happy!

  • Gamera

    I’m with you David, when I first heard about this movie I went ‘Huh?’ Still I’m going to have to see this some day.

    As to being what I eat- at least I want to be a real turkey and not that awful tofu vegan fake turkey stuff!

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

  • Tork_110

    Sam the Eagle is not a monster!

  • David Fullam

    @Gamera, Yeah. Blood Freak is one of those that you literally cannot believe was actually made. What’s more that they actually took it seriously. It truly is a “there’s nothing like it” experience.

  • Happy Thanksgiving from the Philippines!

    On a more somber note: R.I.P. Ingrid Pitt

  • This. Is the Greatest Movie. Of all time.

    Well, no, that’s a lie. It’s pretty terrible. But I kinda like it.

  • The Rev.

    This movie is a hoot. A lot of fun; one of my favorite bad movies.

    I will say that, near the end of the movie, there is a real turkey that gets its head cut off and runs around for a bit. You should probably be ready for that.

  • David Fullam

    Yeah, the brief bit of mondo footage was pretty unnecessary. I always turn my head. However the bit with the guy getting his leg chopped off and screaming for hours is hilarious.

  • The Rev.

    I helped do that to turkeys and chickens in my youth. Of course, I didn’t film it for a crappy movie that in no way deserved to use a dying animal’s throes as a visual metaphor.

    I wish I’d known it was coming beforehand, because having it come up cold on us really sucked a lot of fun out of things. There was a LOT of fun to be sucked out, too, because this is truly a classic of bad cinema.

    And yes, the leg scene is hilarious. I like how he, and a couple of other people in the movie, mysteriously scream exactly the same way each time, over and over.

  • David Fullam

    Rev, yeah the scream sounds are a hoot. Like they could only afford one or two sound effects (which is probably true!).The very visible blood tubes are always a funny sight. The leg effect might have come off better if it wasn’t so obvious that the man in question was an amputee. He’s filmed in ways that makes it a little too obvious during the scene where the Freak tracks him down.

    Always beware of dealers who push a form of super pot and tech boys who want you to eat contaminated meat!