Monster of the Day #142

Hmm, the effects in Eight Legged Freaks aren’t quite as good as I remembered.

  • BeckoningChasm

    She looks like she tried really, really hard not to laugh, but ultimately could not fight the urge.

  • compared to giant spiders I’ve seen, this one ranks with Weta or Harryhausen. It actually has a spider-like face and everything. It rules.

    Think of Nude for Satan’s spider, which really truly had pipe-cleaner legs and googly eyes. Or Bloody Pit of Horror’s spider, which Ken and I still aren’t sure was supposed to be a real live spider even by THAT movie’s standards.

  • John Campbell

    Nothing beats the Gilligan’s Island spider!

    Well except for birds…damn you The Professor!

  • Tom

    Cathy Downs in “Missile to the Moon”. This is a classically bad SF film from 1958. Listen closely for her patented 50s scream.

  • BeckoningChasm

    Oh wow, wasn’t “Missile to the Moon” actually a remake of “Cat Women of the Moon”?