Monster of the Day #141

Sadly, there are more awesome monsters from this, but I can’t find any more stills. Also, somebody needs to put out a gray market copy of this with subtitles.

UPDATE: Here’s a close-up of the slightly refurbished suit was seen in color in Santo and the Blue Demon vs. the Monsters.

  • The Rev.

    JESUS CHRIST Lorena was hot. My corneas just got a bit scorched. Good thing I can type by touch.

    “…I can’t find any more stills.”

    Oh man, you’re not gonna show Zok? He’s the best one of them all!

    Still, that’s the nicest shot of Uk I’ve seen.

  • Which one is Zok? Is he the sabertooth skeleton-thing, because I love him to pieces.

    This cyclops guy got stuck with the assignment to “kill all the world’s animals”. The big-brained character from MotD 140 was to “drink all the world’s blood”, along with the slinky alien lady. Then he gets to marry her.

  • cavalier

    Over at Atomic Monsters the review mentions a fan-made subtitled version. Maybe they’ll share.

    The entire move (in Spanish) is also available on YouTube. It looks like fun.

  • how hard is it to do subtitles? A buddy of mine is interested in this movie, and speaks fluent Spanish. I wonder if he could do it and ship the results to a CD-R site like AllCluesNoSolutions or someone.

  • The Rev.

    Sandy: Yes, Zok is the “sabertooth skeleton-thing,” which is an excellent description. The giant spider/bug guy is neat too, but Zok rules.

  • Browncheyenne92

    thats so sweet……