Monster of the Day #140

Screw Avatar, I want to see more stuff like this in theaters.

Seriously. I do.

  • The Rev.

    I have never seen this, but I recognize Tagual, the Prince Mars, from Braineater’s review.

    Actually, I recognized the incredibly sexy Lorena Velazquez first. *wolf howl*

    Either way, I really need to see this sometime.

    You know, you could just about get the whole week from this one movie, which would be very convenient this busy holiday week. I’m not saying anything, I’m just sayin’.

  • The Rev.

    I swear I typed “of” in between “Prince” and “Mars.” I guess I was mistaken.

  • BeckoningChasm

    He looks like he might shoot whiffle-balls out of his mouth.

  • I have this movie, but without subtitles. I have to rely on my spanish-speaking friends to translate for me. It turns out that the dialog is, if anything, MORE goofy than the visuals. Hard to believe, I know.

  • GenO2

    He also shows up (or at least, the costume does) as an odd hanger-on in “Santo e Blue Demon contra Los Monstruos”, but in color…

  • My favorite is the Laughing Skeleton Guy. I knew some of the monsters were in Santo…Los Monstrous,” and I thought about digging that out and getting some stills.

  • Gamera

    Hey guys and gals, what’s the name of the movie?


  • Gamera

    Duh! I guess I should have looked one MotD ahead. So this is ‘La Nave de los Monstruos’ too. Looks like a pretty awesome film.