Monster of the Day #138

“Hey, you gotta little…no, to the left…there you go…”

  • BeckoningChasm

    “The Stuff,” maybe?

    How many blobs are still to come?

  • The Rev.

    I haven’t seen it, but I think you’re right on your guess.

  • I am a big fan of The Stuff, but don’t remember this scene. It might have been a throwaway moment, of course. Actually the goop here doesn’t look totally Stuff-like, not as slick or white. But then the Stuff changes appearance with the needs of the special effects crew.

  • BeckoningChasm

    This reminds me of that one scene with Barry Atwater in the Outer Limits episode, “Corpus Earthling.” That was one terrifying episode. I remember reading in the book that when the producers were watching the final cut they were trying to think of excuses not to air it, because it was just so frightening.

  • John Campbell

    It looks kind of like one of Mickey Mouse’s hands went all mutant and face huggy.


  • David Fullam

    Okay…I’m not touching this one!

  • dan

    Ken, I love your pithy comments under the photos….

  • Dr. Whiggs

    Peter North in… The Stuff!

  • zombiewhacker

    The scene where Scott Bloom wreaks havoc in the supermarket, raiding the freezer aisle, was shot in my hometown.

    At the end of the day’s shooting, I got to meet Larry Cohen. Nice guy, by the way. He even gave me one of the Stuff container props as a souvenir!

  • Nathan

    I liked The Stuff, but its ambition outstripped its Budget IMHO. One of the few movies I wouldn’t mind seeing a bigger budget on.