Monster of the Day #131

Sadly, this was the best decent-sized picture I could find.

This one’s a lot better, but it’s too small.  Too little respect fo rthis guy.

  • P Stroud

    Aren’t this guy and Reptilicus the only giant snakelike monsters? The world really needs more giant snakelike monsters.

  • The Rev.

    You’ve also got Thunder of Gigantic Serpent, where the snake ends up kaiju-sized. If it doesn’t count since it’s an actual snake, then you’ve also got the Imoogi from Dragon Wars, which were supposed to be dragon-type beasties but were basically titanic cobras.

    That’s all I’ve got right now.

    I like Manda’s original, more Oriental dragon-esque appearance in the second picture quite a bit better. I was glad to see him given that look in Final Wars, and in fact his appearance was one I really enjoyed throughout. Then he became one of the only kaiju ever killed by mankind, which made me very sad for him. A hell of a death, though, I’ll grant them that.

  • Ericb

    Was he in any movies before Destroy All Monsters?

  • There are other giant snakelike monsters. Not only the sub-dragons of D-Wars, but also the huge snake-thing that fights King Kong in the original movie. Plus there are a whole spate of giant snakes in the last few years with Anaconda, Boa, and Python and their combinations.

    Yes the monster in the above movie appeared in basically one other film, where he didn’t do much. More than in Destroy All Monsters, but he was still kind of a weak sister. That always made me sad because I like the idea of a big old snake-thing, particularly if it’s not really a snake.

  • The Rev.

    His first appearance, which the second photo was taken from, was in a movie called Atragon.

    Ah yes, Sandy, I’d forgotten the Tanystropheus-type critter Kong fights. Granted, he’s not nearly as big as Manda here, but he’d still qualify as a giant, snakelike monster. Kong also fought a giant snake in the ’70s remake.

  • Maybe because I only saw Manda in Destroy All Monsters as a kid and that worthy infrequently, but I’ve never quite warmed to him. Then again, I first saw Eibrah as an adult and I love him to death, so maybe not…

  • BeckoningChasm

    I know the worms in Dune are considered “worms” but they’re fairly snake-like.

    Also, Thusa Doom and his pet snake, from the first Conan movie.

    Also also, the giant snake that Apache Chief is surprised to find himself standing on.

  • The rule was “snake-like” so I would even include the monsters in Deep Rising, though the end result was Cthulhu, instead of worms.

  • “Also, the giant snake that Apache Chief is surprised to find himself standing on.”


  • Ericb

    Don’t forget the serpent god from Cave Dwellers (aka Ator the Invicible aka who knows what else).

  • Rock Baker

    Don’t overlook Kong’s third encounter with a giant snake, in King Kong Escapes.

    Can we count Viking Women and the Sea Serpent? I haven’t seen it in close to twenty years, but the monster on the poster sure looks nifty.

    Odd as it may seem, Manda is credited on the U.S. poster for Destroy All Monsters right alongside Toho’s big guns Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra. No word of Ghidrah or Baragon. A.I.P. must’ve thought Manda would be the best hook monster. That would seem to imply A.I.P.’s release of Atragon was a big hit.

  • The REALLY startling thing is that Sandy failed to mention the Sea Serpent, despite supposedly like that movie so much.

  • Rock Baker

    Here’s an obvious one, The Magic Serpent. True, the title beast was a man in a suit, but I’d argue he’s close enough to be a part of the group.

  • The Rev.

    I haven’t seen TMS, but the clips I’ve seen make it look like the monster’s a traditional Oriental dragon. Is he more serpentine than I remember?

    Granted, some of those dragons were pretty snakelike in build…

  • Rock Baker

    The Magic Serpent was more a dragon I guess, but I’m willing to go to bat for him as a great giant snake-thing too. It was this really impressive combination suit/marionette that must’ve been a nightmare to operate (and in a water tank yet)!

  • GenO2

    Late to the game, but Final War and better Destroy All Monsters Manda snaps….