Monster of the Day #129

Not my favorite movie by any means, but it does have stuff like this in it.

  • BeckoningChasm

    The way he’s standing, it looks like he’s leading them in a dance. (Good thing I said “standing” instead of “stance” otherwise we’d start twisting the night away.)

  • Ericb

    Is he trying to hold them off with a knife? I doubt that will be very effective.

  • The Rev.

    Those scorpions were really well-done, probably the best out there, in fact. That fight against them would have been the best part of the movie, except for (possible future MotD) Medusa’s scene, which is just incredible.

  • The Rev.

    Ericb: He’s got a sword, it’s just that the angle we’re seeing it at makes it look really short. Not that his rather short sword is a lot better. I’d prefer a nice halberd or pike, something with enough reach to keep them the hell away from me.

    Assuming, of course, I don’t have access to guns or something.

  • Elizabeth

    C’mon, everybody, do the skilla-skalla-scorpion!

  • Here’s a movie I adored as a kid that I can’t stand as an adult (or an unreasonable facsimile thereof). Don’t ask me why. The monsters are all good and there’s worse stories and acting out there (really). It just strikes me wrong.

  • “C’mon, everybody, do the skilla-skalla-scorpion!”


  • The Rev.

    “C’mon, everybody, do the skilla-skalla-scorpion!”

    ……………….that was revenge for my witch laugh at T-Fest, wasn’t it? *growls*

  • Rock Baker

    Fantastic sequence. Best special effect scorpions ever seen, with all due respect to O’ Brien’s Black Scorpion (which was at least a much better movie).

    As a kid I was always thrilled with Ray’s Kraken monster. I used to wish they’d made a science fiction movie with the same model as the main menace. It looks so much like a bug eyed monster you’d find on a pulp cover.

  • John Campbell

    I have to agree that I loved this as a kid, hell I even had the novelization (real word?).

    But watching it as an adult ye gods…

    Mind you I like the remake so…