Monster of the Day #128

Dude! *Not* Cool!” ~ CBer from the Haunted Sea

  • The Rev.

    Man this movie was silly, although I mostly like it. That guy making the animal noises got old pretty fast. This guy, though…timeless. I’d never seen him before when I first watched it, and it was a true “Oh, my heart!” moment.

    I always wondered if he was supposed to be made, or covered, in seaweed, since that much fur isn’t particularly useful underwater (especially since he resides in the warm, shallow waters of the Caribbean.)

  • BeckoningChasm

    Man, that looks cheap even for Corman.

  • Ericb

    I prefer its serious counterpart The Beast from Haunted Cave even though that titular beast was on the screen for all of 10 seconds. Which give me the idea that I should watch it as I’m stuck at home with the flu.

  • John Campbell

    Wow, how does he locate anything? That wandering right eye is pointing UP!

    Mind this is a 50’s (correct me please if i’m off) horror flick, so all the women are screaming like banshee’s at the drop of a spring loaded cat. As long as his hearing is good, he’s golden.

    The Blind Dead had it easy I tell ya!

  • BeckoningChasm

    By the way, what’s a “CBer”? Did the monster have a CB radio, or was a big fan of Charlie Brown, or…?

  • Er, Coitis-Blocker.

  • I was wondering where the monster from the opening credits of ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ was from.

  • Rock Baker

    I think Creature from the Haunted Sea was released in 1960, possibly 61. The cut currently making the rounds however was extended for television showings. I’m not clear on the date for that version, could be anytime between 1963 and 1966 (probably not that late, though, I’m leaning on pre-1965. Maybe, seems like some of the added footage was spoofing the spy craze, which would have it more likely filmed in 64-66 than any other years). There, are we all thuroughly confused?

    It’s been many, many years but I almost want to say this guy turned up on the old Ernest teleseries. I think they built a monster very similar in design and gave it red eyes (seems like it may’ve been a dirt-based creature). It I’m not correctly recalling that, I know footage from the film turned up quite regularly on Muppet Babies and other kiddie shows.

  • Didn’t Monte Hellman direct the additional scenes for the of necessity longer TV version of the film? I think there was a typically exhaustive article in Video Watchdog about that, if I remember correctly.

  • Rock Baker

    That’s what the notes on my copy’s cover note. Hellman also directed Beast From Haunted Cave and I hear came back later to direct extra footage for its Television premire as well. I’ve never seen that version but its supposed to be about ten minutes longer, and supposedly features the original cast for a change. (Well, The Wasp Woman tv print had one of the original actors and connected to the film better than most. Good I guess, because its the only version I’ve ever run across.)