Monster of the Day #123

A week without Harryhausen is like a week without sunshine.

  • The Rev. D.D.

    Holy crow, how’d I forget this movie’s dragon? It’s one of my favorites! I love the design on it, and its fight with one of the Cyclops is great.

    Back when I was too young to care about plot and such, this was my favorite of the Harryhausen Sindbad movies because of this guy, the Cyclops clan, and the other monsters. Nowadays I like Golden Voyage best, but this is a close second.

  • BeckoningChasm

    I keep looking at the guy on the right…”Dum de dum de dum, uh, I was just leaving anyway…”

  • Rock Baker

    When I had to draw a dragon for one of Eric Lindberg’s Rowena serials, it was this one which served as my mental model. That’s just great stuff. 7th Voyage of Sinbad and Jason and the Argonauts are two films that burn themselves deep into your memory.

  • Gamera

    ‘Well it followed me home. Can I keep him?’- Sinbad

    Sad to say but when I was thinking about dragon movies this one skipped my mind. And it was such a fantastic dragon, Harryhausen was a master.

  • John Campbell

    Rock you have the coolest job…

    And Ken speaks with iron in his words of weekly harryhausen!

  • Rock Baker

    Thanks! It is pretty cool, and I’m having a blast! (It would be nice, though, if more people read comic books and I could get payed more often! –slow and steady, no one starts at the top, just keep swingin—there. Yes, it is cool!)