Monster of the Day #120


  • The Rev.


  • Marsden

    Wouldn’t 120 come after 119? Or is Congress doing the counting here?

  • What am I, a CPA?

  • BeckoningChasm

    That’s a nice drawing. (Is that a frame capture, or a production still?) The stance of the arms and legs is really nice, though it does kind of look like he’s standing on his tail. Maybe he does that to aim it?

  • John Campbell

    It’s fun when Ken bows to his fans.

    Quote “Meh”

    BC – you’re right. I never noticed that. It does appear he’s standing on his tail. Perhaps due to the size of his tail he’s forced to press down to counter act the recoil.

  • That’s Zok in mid-flight. I imagine from the clarity of the image it from taken from an original still, but I couldn’t swear to it.

    Love your pb cover! That reminds me, I always wanted to write a sex-filled pb adaptation of a crappy b monster movie, like “Dean Owen” did with Konga and Reptilicus.

  • BeckoningChasm

    Ken – you write it, I’ll do the cover!

    I enjoy doing fake covers like that. Here’s an older one –

  • Rock Baker

    The thing I notice about Zok more than anything is that the design of his eyes change seemingly with every shot. Sometimes they look like snake’s eyes with slit pupils, sometimes they have a starburst pattern, sometimes a round, normal pupil. I used to think it had something to do with the power being built up to fire his eye beams, but going back and watching again it just looks like the frames for the eyes were grabbed at random (not helped by the use of stock frames either)!

    (Ouch! Did soemthing just punch my brain?)

  • Man with No Face


    Best of the Herculoids

    (except for Tara, of course…)

  • John Campbell

    MwNF – Ooooo Tara..

    BC – 35c!! You sell yourself short sir!

    Do you dare collaborate with ken?

    A novel of Jabootuan proportions? I fear the world may not be prepared…