Monster of the Day #111

My (surprise) favorite of the Herculoids, although I like all of them save Zok.

  • KeithB

    Were you planning this, or did I hit a memory?

  • BeckoningChasm

    Yay for the Herculoids. I was always partial to Gloop and Gleep, myself.

    Incidentally, over at Cracked one of Seanbaby’s articles on the Hercs is hilarious (though typically Seanbaby IFYWIMAITYD).

  • The Rev.

    Igoo was pretty cool. Of course, it’s not hard to make a giant stone gorilla cool.

    My favorite is Tundro ’cause he’s like some weird rhinosaurus with a bunch of legs and shoots meteors out of his nose horn.

    How do you not like Zok? It’s a dragon with laser EVERYTHING. Was it his screech? I’ll admit that was pretty annoying.

    I second BC’s recommendation on the Seanbaby article. MAN that was funny. “Is physics just kidding today or something?”

  • John Campbell

    This is why Ken is the Mastah!

    LOVED the herculoids!

    Although tundro was my favorite.

    This also reminds me of Thundar the Barbarian. Albeit I think the Herculoids was the far more intelligent show.

  • Heli

    I agree with the Rev; how can you hate Zok? He was awesome!

  • fish eye no miko

    Is this the first cartoon monster you’ve featured? Are you planning on featuring others?

    I’m not sure I ever watched The Herculoids

  • My digital cable service just dropped Boomerang from my basic service yesterday. No more old school Hanna-Barbera cartoons for me (unless I pay more.) Since you’re showing HB monsters, I hope you include the Invisible Monster from the Johnny Quest episode of the same name. That one scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.

  • I think Zok IS too screechy. Also, I was never that much into dragons. Igoo, Tundro and Gleep and Gloop, though, are the bee’s knees.

    However, I never liked how they took to drawing mouths on G&G.

  • Rock Baker

    I also have to claim Tundro as my favorite. There’s just something about a triceratops/centipede/rhino/volcano monster that appeals to a kid. Sure, I like Zok and Igoo too, but Tundro edges out in front just a little more.

    What I always loved about The Herculoids (be sure to give a cigar to the man who dreamed up that title!) was the stock music. While the cues were endlessly recycled and altered to back up Space Ghost, Mightor, and The Galaxy Trio, they seemed to fit the Herculoids best. That mixture of ghostly whistles and deep percusion with the odd bit of jazz thrown in really sold the whole Prehistoric/Space Opera concept.

    If we’re wide open on cartoon monsters, how about Astro, the rouge whale of outer space? Or better still, that giant black crab that almost destroys Nurtle’s ship!

  • Monsters of all media are fair game for MotD!

  • The Rev.

    Not into dragons, Ken? Really? They’re flying dinosaurs that breathe fire. What’s not to like? Huh and sheesh to that.

    You think you know a guy…

    …after spending approximately two, three days in his presence…


  • BeckoningChasm

    Rock, agreed that the stock Hanna-Barbera music definitely fitted the Herculoids incredibly well. I’d like to add that the stock sound effects always worked incredibly well with them.

    Some years later I heard an electronic piece by Stockhausen, and it had tons of HB sound effects (before HB, I’m pretty sure). I could recognize the various freeze rays right off!