Monster of the Day #104

Well, that about wraps that up.

  • okay I have not seen this one. Dead Snow?

  • Not-So-Great Cthulhu

    I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. Haven’t seen it either, but it resembles other stills I’ve seen from that movie.

  • Charles Goodwin

    Yep, that’s the one! Got it on DVD but haven’t watched it yet, it’s the last of the Nazi zombie films I have yet to see.

  • Gamera

    Now that it’s the end of the week would someone be so kind as to list all the Nazi zombie movies aquatic and otherwise? I assume it’s not too long a list? Sad to say the only one I’ve seen is ‘Shockwaves’.

  • BeckoningChasm

    I’ve got this in my Netflix instant queue. I should probably watch it some time.

    Amazing how colorful and well-preserved those arm-bands are.

  • Hmm..

    Zombie Lake
    Oasis of the Zombies
    Shock Waves
    Dead Snow
    The Chilling / Night of the SS Zombies

    The Frozen Dead is at least somewhat related to the sub-genre, and Hard Rock Zombies has at least one Nazi zombie in it.

    That’s all I got, anyway.

  • Sandy — Are you sure you haven’t seen Dead Snow? That was the recent Swedish (I think) one. I thought you said you saw it and didn’t think it was that great, although maybe I’m misremembering.

  • Well since Nazi soldiers didn’t actually wear those armbands, perhaps they’re well-preserved because they borrowed them from some skinhead Norwegian white-power punk band.

  • Gamera

    Thanks Ken! There’s a few there I’d never even heard of.

  • Rock Baker

    So what’s the thinking for things like this? Zombies aren’t scary enough? Or Nazis aren’t scary enough?!?!

    It’s also interesting that these movies tend to be made in Europe, where the horrors of the Third Riech were felt first hand. Not the kind of thing you’d think they’d be exploiting to make a monster movie, is it?

  • To be fair the full horror of the Nazi regime was not unleashed on western Europe (except for Holland). I don’t see many fantasy Nazi movies coming out of Poland or the Ukraine.

  • Also, the horror of the Second World War was in fact felt first-hand by millions of Americans. My father-in-law liberated a concentration camp in Germany. My uncle got shot through both legs by a Japanese machine-gunner. I personally know a man who was on the Bataan death march.

  • Rock Baker

    Wow. Please pass on my most sincire admiration and respect.