Monster of the Day #103

The third aquatic zombie film, and saved from being easily the most jaw-droppingly inept by the fact that its competition was the incredible Zombie Lake.  This was the best still I could find, so sorry.

  • John Campbell

    No clue on the movie.

    Someone elucidate please!

  • The Rev.

    I haven’t seen it, so I don’t know for sure. However, since it’s “the third aqautic zombie movie,” I’m hazarding a guess on Oasis of the Zombies. My reasons for not seeing this are not the same as Zombie Lake. Apparently this one is reeeeeeally bad and boring and dumb.

    That isn’t going to stop me from seeing it one day, but it’s definitely down the list a ways.

  • The Rev.

    Aquatic even. Bleh.

  • Did you know that aquatic nazi zombies from North Africa sometimes make chipmunk noises? It’s true.

    Also — Ken I have sent three e-mails asking if you want my newly-finished review on THE GORE GORE GIRLS but you relentless fail to answer. I can only conclude that you have wisely added me to your blocked senders list, so in desperation I post here hoping to embarrass you into contacting me.

    Also I was serious about East Texas Jabootuites being welcome to meet at my place on Halloween for Monster Mania.

    SEE … Sandy’s original painting of Great Cthulhu!
    SEE … the Great Wall of Horror DVDs.
    SEE … Sandy’s spare bedrooms.
    FEAST … on Sandy’s brick barbecue. Bring the right ingrediments and we can hold a Feast of Ishtar, such as has not been held in 5000 years.

  • Also i’ve finished the Monster Quiz for Tweenfest 2011. the theme is “Arigato Dai-Kaiju”.

  • Arghh, no, I just never caught up on my mail once I lugged myself home. Yes, please, of course, send ‘er in.

    I’ll get that post up on your Halloween Party for anyone who won’t read the comments here.

  • Re: Monster Quiz Apparently Sandy took my comment on his most recent Zombie Quiz to heart: “At least I won’t be overly embarrassed, since I never claimed to be a zombie movie expert.” However, now when Rev or Freeman or who knows who beats me on a giant monster quiz, my embarrassment will be epic indeed.

  • BeckoningChasm

    I dunno, he kinda looks like he was blowing this massive bubble-gum bubble and it exploded right on his face.

    No idea about the movie as well.

  • Rock Baker

    I’m completely stumped (I suppose it had to happen sometime, but if this flick is from late 70s or 80s Europe I can see why it escaped me).

    Did you mean to say ‘third aquatic NAZI zombie movie’ there? Because non-facist underwater zombies go back at least to Zombies of Mora Tau.

    The Nazi Zombies in Oasis of the Zombies lived under the sand, rising from it in similar fashion to Aquatic Nazi Zombies, but are never seen around any water.

    And yes, Oasis of the Zombies is terrible, being a bit less lively than Zombies’ Lake. Both share an absurd level of incompetence, however. Might make a good double feature, but save the Lake movie for last.

  • Rock Baker

    Something about this does seem to register in my memory. Where could I have seen this? I’m only aware of the two Aquatic Nazi Zombie Movies, one really, really good and one really, really bad. I’d almost connect his image with Oasis of the Zombies, but as I noted, the zombies in that weren’t aquatic…

  • Rock — Hmm, I thought at least some of the zombies in Oasis were underwater. And most people call it an underwater Nazi zombie movie. However, I sure don’t feel like watching it again to find out!

  • They hang around the oasis, and you don’t see them much of the time. I’ve actually seen it but in fact I don’t remember seeing them rise from the water. Maybe I just always assumed they were sleeping there.

  • Rock Baker

    Truth is, I don’t recall the Oasis in question having any water at all. It was just a clump of (rather dry looking) trees out in the desert with a few deteriorated trucks and whatnot scattered around. It was probably a garden on somebody’s property and someone thought it looked spooky enough to make a monster movie there.

    So this IS from Oasis of the Zombies? How ’bout that, I saw it before and was stumped anyway! Shows you how memorable the flick is!

  • The Rev.

    Ken: “However, now when Rev or Freeman or who knows who beats me on a giant monster quiz, my embarrassment will be epic indeed.”

    How do you think I feel? I’ve gone on more than once about how I love giant monster movies and they’re my favorite of all movies and I watch them regularly. Which means if I don’t at least pull a draw with Freex, Sandy’s son, you, and anyone else who might know their giant monsters, for first, I will pretty much have to commit ritual seppuku.

    I’ll be sure to send you my T-Fest report first, though, so no worries there.

  • Well, since you’ve beat me every single time, except for one lucky draw on my part, I don’t think you need worry much.

  • The Rev.

    You seem pretty confident about doing well on this one, if your worries about embarrassment are any indication, so I’m guessing you could easily be a contender. The last thing I’m going to do is underestimate Ken Begg’s ability to recognize monsters, since that’s the one you drew me on before.

  • Tomas Ericson

    Okey, time for someone to give another opinion about this one. This was my review on imdb twelve years ago:  “I remember watching this movie when i was thirteen years old. Back then i thought it was boring, but now I know you have to watch a zombie movie more than once to fully appreciate it. I bought it a week ago, and have seen it three times since, with ever growing enthusiasm. The zombie make-up is fantastic, so is the music. It doesn’t matter if the acting is poor or that the violence is tame. The atmosphere and the totally incredible zombies give this film a special place in my heart forever.” And I not only stand behind those words today – I amplify them hundredfold! I must have seen Oasis 20 times, and it never ceases to capture me. Of course, if you want constant action and zombies who run in the ceiling, it’s not a movie for you. But if you appreciate atmosphere and an otherworldly feeling, give it (another) chance.