Monster of the Day #101

And, we’re off.  Here’s to #200.  Let’s see where this crazy journey takes us.

  • The Rev.

    That’s actually not a bad shot of them. There are spots of not-quite-green on two of them, but you could almost discount it as discoloration.

    You know, I really need to stop putting it off and see this. I just need to decide which is less skeevy: watching it with friends, or waiting until no one I know is around. The former feels more embarrassing, but the later sounds more sleazy. What a quandary!

  • Well, I expect if you wait long enough, you’ll end up seeing this with a whole room of people, and that will solve the issue.

  • Ericb

    The one wearing the helmet looks like a clown. Undead Nazi clowns … I see a movie there somewhere.

  • he acts like a clown too. Wait till you see him in the “bonding with my daughter” montage. I bet you think I’m kidding.

  • The thing that bugs me is that Jean Rollin -THREE YEARS EARLIER, did Les Raisins de la Mort which was actually a pretty good zombie movie. (Okay they’re not really zombies, but still.) He also did Living Dead Girl which has its points, at least if you like artsy stuff. But then … this. At least, unlike Herschell Gordon Lewis, Rollin actually has a few tiny shreds of quality work to his name.

  • Ericb

    “Wait till you see him in the “bonding with my daughter” montage.”

    A kinder, gentler undead Nazi

  • Reed

    Vernon Reid’s finest hour! He doesn’t get nearly enough props for the creepy scene with the two boys whose body language clearly says, “Bad touch!”

    Sounds like it has already been added to the Tween Fest line-up. I heartily endorse this choice! There are so many, many things that I truly love about this movie.

    No wait, what’s the opposite of love?

  • Reed

    Wait again, I’m a little frazzled today. Maybe Vernon Reid is the guitar player from Living Color.

    What the hell, either way.

  • You mean Howard Vernon, a Euroschlock mainstay via his work with (among others) Jess Franco.

  • BeckoningChasm

    I want to get away from this heap of hicks.

  • David Fullam

    Yes, yes, yes! A film all about hot, young, Euro babes getting naked and swimming!

  • Dude, we’re standing right here.

  • Reed

    Now I want to see a film where Vernon Reid uses the occult and his awesome stage presence to battle Nazi zombies at a concert where the audience are all volleyball playing nudists.

    They could call it Occult of Personality.

  • Ericb

    or a movie about Vernon Reid combating Wayan brothers zombies.

  • Rock Baker

    Words really can’t describe it. I was almost impressed at how sloppy this production was!

    One minor quibble is the packaging for the spiffy DVD release. I know “Zombie Lake” makes more sense, but the title is actually “Zombies’ Lake” and I think the cover should reflect that. The weird grammer even suits the film better.

  • The Rev.

    “Well, I expect if you wait long enough, you’ll end up seeing this with a whole room of people, and that will solve the issue.”

    That almost sounds like a threat…

  • Petoht

    Actually Rev, watching it alone isn’t too sleazy. I mean, it’s not a good movie, and there’s some T&A, but no worse than any number of *cough* horror movies.

    I had the “pleasure” of watching it when I knew nothing about it (except that it was bad). I have to say, I wasn’t expecting what I saw.

  • The Rev.

    Isn’t there full frontal in it, and leeringly filmed at that? That’s the skeevy part.

    One way or another, I’ll get over it and watch it eventually. It’s an ’80s Eurozom movie; I pretty much have to.

  • Rev– There is a LOT of nudity in the film, but it’s so inept and blatant about it (we get full frontal in like the first 30 seconds), that you just can’t take it seriously.

  • Rock Baker

    Yeah, once you reach the volleyball team attack, you kind of wonder why any of the women even bother with clothing.

    Is it really possible to take ANY movie seriously when it features such copious amounts of female flesh? From what I’ve read, and very very little I’ve seen, the old Nudie Cuties were all comedies (oh, wait, Nude on the Moon was played pretty straight). And if the old one sheets are anything to go by, most of the 70s X rated movies were played for laughs too. (Only one I ever saw was Flesh Gordon, a comedy.)

    I do find funny the idea of a sweeping drama about English socialites and fox hunts and murder and blackmail and romance and parlimentiary discussion being acted out with completely nude women. It makes me laugh.

  • Rock — Check this out then. Not exactly the same, but in the ballpark. If you do the increase font size key combination, it makes the strip bigger. Everyone should check out that comic, by the way, it’s hilarious.