Monster of the Day #98

Man, mask technology sure came a long way in the twelve years since Monster On the Campus, huh?

  • I call shenanigans on the last few “monsters”. Why is a caveman a “monster”? What’s wrong with the portrayal of the Neanderthal in DINOSAURUS?

  • Because they are played as monsters in their respective movies, murdering folks hither and yon, whereas the Dinosaurus! caveman is not. Again, my common definition is whether my 10 year-old self would call them a monster. I think I have followed that edict this week.

  • BeckoningChasm

    Having been chastened about spoilers, I’ll ask, is this the movie with Joan Crawford (not pictured)?

  • Dude, c’mon, that’s Joan Crawford right….what? [whispered conversation] Sorry. I’ve been informed that the photo is not of Ms. Crawford, but of another character in the movie. The management of acknowledges that mistakes have been made, and apologizes for any embarrassment, offense or distress this situation may have caused, especially at PepsiCo.

  • David Fullam

    I love Trog!

  • Gamera

    Guess I need to brush up on my caveman movies since Ken stumped me on the this and the last two movies.

    In fact I think the only cave ‘person’ I recognize is Raquel Welch…

  • fish eye no miko

    I certainly think this guy’s a monster. Besides, in past entries. Ken has featured Dr. Phibes and Jason Vorhees, who are just deformed humans (though Jason is a zombie in the later films)… if they can qualify, why not this guy?

  • zombiewhacker

    Trog = monster
    Raquel = not a monster
    Arthur Franz = monster
    John Lone = not a monster
    Robert Shayne = monster
    Martine = not a monster
    Ringo = monster not a monster
    Abominable Snowman from Caveman = monster

  • Rock Baker

    How much more monster do you want? In one scene (that I must admit freaked out a young kid named Rock who was tuned in to TNT’s 100% Weird) Trog hangs guy on a meathook!

    Even if you exclude Trog from monsterdom (the backlash against him doesn’t bode well for my request to see Eegah get a day to himself), the flick DID have that dinosaur sequence lifted from The Animal World, meaning the film itself delivered a monster count of a dozen or so!

    Interesting thought: In a roundabout way, Trog could be considered a rehashing of the original 1963 version of Curse of Bigfoot.

    Depressing thought: I have hairier shoulders than a Troglodite (or at least the hairless, and therefore probably wimpy, English actor chosen to play him).

  • Gristle McThornbody

    Woohoo! My meager tally now stands at 10 MoTDs I’ve been able to correctly identify. I’ve finally hit double digits!!!

  • Gristle McThornbody

    …Now I’ll put on my dunce cap and go sit in the corner.

  • Joan Crawford was the scariest thing in that movie.

  • sandra

    If nothing else, you’ve gotta give Joan Crawford credit for having a nice set of legs in this movie,

  • John Campbell

    Ooo I remeber watching this as a kid!

    And yeah the meat hook part always stood out!