Monster of the Day #97

“‘Roid Rage Prince, No!”

The film’s  ‘sabretooth’ deserves it’s own entry, but this was the only photo I could find. Admittedly, they only used it for almost subliminal inserts during attack scenes, but due to the miracle of frame stop, we can now say, “Are you *&~#^$ kidding me?”

  • BeckoningChasm

    Is it terrible if I say that looks like one of Michael Jackson’s failed plastic surgeries?

    No idea about the film, though one suspects it is a J-‘n’-H variant.

  • The Rev.

    “Let me inside your sugar walls!” “EEEEEEK!!!”

    Oh damn, “Roid Rage Prince”…the computer lab thanks you for making me guffaw out loud. Well, not so much “thanks” as “wishes harm upon you.”

    And that sabertooth…I mean, what is there to say, except a couple of incredulous, muttered curse words? WOW.

  • Tork_110

    You know what *I’m* staring at? That phone.

    Does the receiver cord really need to be that long? The transmitter is fixed. It’s like the phone is a prop for a movie where someone gets strangled.

  • Okay, you win, Ken. This is the first Monster of the Day I couldn’t identify.

  • Tork — That was the first attempt at a mobile phone, actually.

  • roger h

    So, there is a caveman movie worst than Egaah.

    Oops, forgot about Encino Man

  • Rock Baker

    In all fairness, the Neanderthal Man looks much better in the film itself. One of Harry Thomas’ creations, the NM’s teeth were carved from an orange peal! Last I was aware of (which was a good ten years back), the teeth prop still survived. Except for one scene where the face fur is loose, the transformation scenes are pretty good. I’m not sure I can climb on board and attack the sabertooth prop. As Ken noted, all you get in the film are lightning quick flashes. Props rarely look as good when held up on their own. (I stayed at a hotel once decorated with movie props, the Harrier jet from True Lies was hanging right outside the window overlooking the casino! The jet, the model of the Titanic, and the train from Under Siege 2 looked like toys in real life! Tonka toys!) On the other hand, that tiger DOES look like a plush toy with tusks….

    Not bad B movie, impressive cast. You could do worse when renting a 50s sci-fi B.

  • The Rev.

    OK, so fess up: What movie is this from? Sandy’s not the only one who doesn’t recognize it…

  • Oh, sorry. It’s 1953’s The Neanderthal Man, which, unsurprisingly, is pretty close to Monster on the Campus. The film is a real cheapie (as you may have surmised from the sabretooth prop), and mostly remembered today–to the extent it is–for starring the inevitable Beverly Garland and Robert Shayne, best known as Inspector Henderson on the old Superman TV show.

  • Rock Baker

    Don’t forget Richard Crane and Robert Easton!

    I really wouldn’t compare it to Monster on the Campus, though. ‘Campus’ is such a 50s-type movie. The Neanderthal Man plays more like a 40s film, somewhat like a Universal B from around the time of Man Made Monster. Maybe not quite that good, but other than the theme of a man reverting to a caveman, it has little in common with Campus. Or so would be my take, am I wrong here?

  • Rock — Well, both protagonists are doomed scientists/teachers, in each a household animal is infected and turns into a dangerous throwback, etc. They’re not carbon copies, but there are connections, I think.

  • Rock Baker

    True enough.

  • The Rev.

    Thanks Ken!

    So is that Bev up there with dark hair? It would explain why I was certain I recognized her…sure looks like her now that you’ve said that.

    Another movie I shall have to see someday due to the presence of Bev…well, that and the sabertooth.

  • sandra

    They needed a sabertooth, so the props guy borrowed one of his kids toys, eh ?

  • Rock Baker

    I can’t stress this enough, the ape man looks MUCH better in the movie. Looking at this photo, I can’t believe its from the same movie. (But then, I haven’t seen a still photo yet that looks the same as the moving version. Weird.) To be fair, its not a great monster makeup, but it looks better than this!