Monster of the Day #95

Time to start figuring out what I’ve posted in the first 100 monsters, I guess.

  • BeckoningChasm

    I liked the giant dragonfly in this one (if this is the movie I think it is). But then, I’ve always liked giant dragonflies. I wonder why one was never embiggened during the 50’s?

  • BC– First, ixnay on the oilersplays. Second, it’s surely weirder that there was never a giant mosquito film during the ’50s. We didn’t got those until the ’90s. (Although there was a mock ’50s one in Popcorn, as I recall.)

  • BeckoningChasm

    Oops, sorry about that Ken. I wasn’t sure if that was a spoiler or just kind of a hint. (I honestly wasn’t sure if the still was from that movie.)

  • zombiewhacker

    This was the movie that first taught me the word “coelacanth.” Didn’t that become a B movie staple for decades?

    Dr. Exposition: “Why couldn’t a (fill in blank) still exist? Coelacanths were believed to be extinct for millions of years until one was caught recently off African waters.”

  • The giant mosquito isn’t much of a spoiler. I think flying giant bugs must have been harder to do. Really the major flying one was the Deadly Mantis, and it looked goofy as hell while in the air.

  • Rock Baker

    Ah! Good ol’ Monster on the Campus! You know the first I ever saw of this was the trailer being aried on some station under the tag ‘Movies You’ll Never See.’ Thank goodness they were wrong about that!

    Are you setting up a theme for this week?
    #95 – Monster on the Campus
    #96 – The Neanderthal Man
    #97 – Trog
    #98 – Pete in Caveman makeup from How to Make a Monster

  • The Rev.

    Ken: Yes, Popcorn did indeed feature a giant mosquito movie during its festival, along with two others; one I cannot remember, but the other was “The Stench” or something like that. As you can tell, “Mosquito!” was the best of the three, as it was the one I remembered best.

    I recall thinking it was a pretty nifty movie when I saw it in high school, and saw it a couple of times. I haven’t seen it in many years, though, and wonder how it’d hold up.

    Anyway, as to the MotD, it was a pretty cool critter, but that dragonfly kicked ass.

  • EGM3

    MOTC had the fun line where the police said nothing human could have committed these murders and so the inspector says, “We’re fingerprinting the football team.”