Monster of the Day #90

Like Monday mornings, this monster sucks.

  • Ericb

    Ahhh, I was going through Monster of the Day withdrawal. The people who made The Blood Waters of Doctor Z totally ripped this monster off (though not very well).

  • In my mind’s, er, ear, I hear your description to the tune of the State Farm jingle.

    This monster must be some kind of metaphor for the average American diet.

  • BeckoningChasm

    Back in the day, when the very first episode of this series aired (and you were of the right age), this creature was terrifying. I was thrilled that someone got it right.

  • Ericb
  • John Campbell

    Star Trek was definitely one of my favorites growing up.

    I remeber how intense it all seemed.

    Ah to be young and innocent again..

  • Rock Baker

    This was the first episode ever broadcast and somehow it wound up being the first episode I saw. But I don’t remember if it was on television or the tape that Pop bought when they came out. I remember he bought ‘Arena’ and the box had me drooling all day before we watched that one.

  • Gamera

    It takes the form of your greatest fantasy and then kills you with a dozen hickies to the face and neck. It’s a wonder lover-boy Kirk wasn’t the vampire’s first meal.