Monster of the Day #86

Hey, isn’t this the same dude who was macking on Captain Kirk in an earlier MotD?
Boy, I can’t believe I’ve never gotten around to actually watching this one.  And that’s after laying out the cash for both the VHS and DVD copies when they came out.  Another appointment to make with myself, I guess.

  • BeckoningChasm

    Yeah, I’ve had this one in the Netflix “Instant” queue for a long time, without watching it, and it’s only an hour long or so.

  • You’re not missing much. Not that it’s a terrible film, it’s just… disappointing. Had I seen it as a kid, I would’ve hated it. Adultwise, I think it’s a missed opportunity.

  • John Nowak

    I have some kind things to say about The Alligator People.

    1) Beverly Garland.

    2) There are moments in the film where people actually behave like people, and not like movie characters. I’m thinking specifically of the Needlessly Suspicious Behaving Old Woman, who later basically says, “I apologize for behaving needlessly suspiciously before. It was wrong of me to do so.”

    3) On the down side, the following exchange does not take place:

    “I’m sorry for mutating you into an alligator person.”

    “This is a lot better than being a mangled air crash victim. Thank you for the year of life you gave me.”

  • Rock Baker

    I was always drawn to The Alligator People as a kid. I think it was the title that grabbed me. Much of it was adult drama, though, so I enjoy the first half much more now than I did as a kid (but I still loved it, any time I got to see an old monster movie it was a great day). The final, however, was everything a kid could ask for! Lon Chaney with a hook, a spreading fire, screaming, and most importantly a half-man/half-gator fighting with a real alligator! The segment could’ve gone on a little longer, but it was Heaven for a Monster Kid whenever The Alligator People came on television (and it did seem to air more frequently than most other monster flicks of similar vintage for some reason)!

  • Rock Baker

    Best line: “I’ll KILL you, Alligator-Man! Just Like I’d kill any FOUR-legged gator!”

  • sandra

    I take it this is when the two of them sing the theme song ?