Monster of the Day #77

Since I was a teen I always envisioned a gag where there was an alien movie featuring a human ‘monster’ who stole up a hideous alien female with presumably romantic interest in mind.  Imagine my satisfaction (mixed with annoyance that ‘my’ joke had been stolen) when Futurama finally did it.

Anyway, this flick is pretty good, one of those minor gems that keeps you wading through the dross.

  • BeckoningChasm

    Despite the awkward title, it really is a good film. I saw it again a few weeks ago and it’s remarkable how well put-together it is, with nice long tracking shots and such. (I’m guessing that’s Gloria Talbot, although she has much shorter hair in the film.)

  • Ericb

    What movie is it from?

  • I believe it’s I Married a Monster from Outer Space.

  • The Rev. D.D.

    Cullen is correct. I’d recognize that mug anywhere, despite having never seen the movie.

  • P Stroud

    The movie is worth watching just for Gloria Talbot’s undergaments. She wears those things to bed!

  • P Stroud

    Oh yeah, and BC is right. The movie is much much better than the title would suggest. It really is essential for anyone who likes that era of SciFi.

  • Congrats, P Stroud. Your comment was the 13,000 on this site.

    Is that a lot? Sounds like it. And even if you remove the spams and the “You suck” messages, we’re still up there in the high hundreds.

  • The Rev. D.D.

    I missed it by one!! Dammit!

  • Rock Baker

    “I Married a Monster from Outer Space” is pretty much the perfect exploitation title, and I mean the title itself despite much critique of it. Its almost lurid, but gets to the point of the story, and it sounds of over-the-top terror. (For the more crass evaluation, you could say it hits the points perfect for the hard sell: sex and horror.)

    And happy day, there’s a great movie connected to that perfect title! This might be the perfect primer for someone who hasn’t been exposed to these great old genre flicks.

    Even as a kid, I more or less fell in love with Gloria Talbott. What a doll!

  • roger h

    congrats on that odometer reading.

    Yes, agreed, this is a great film for its era.

    Another that is better than title would suggest is “Teenager from Outer Space”.

  • Rock Baker

    You know, its nice to find a site where someone can stick up for Teenagers from Outer Space! It was cheap to be sure, but not really a bad movie. I’ve always had a fondness for it since it falls into that list of movies that are basically ambitious home movies, and I always appreciate the effort. I thought the raygun effects (being as they were nothing more than refelctions off mirrors placed on the ends of the toy guns) were very nice. Upon close examination of the shootout with the police, however, one can see that the gunshots from the cops (who are using everything from .45 1911 clip pistols to German Lugars) are only negative scratches! (I’d say that was a good way to go though, since they were shooting in town and all. I’m sure that even blanks would’ve be problematic in that situation.)

  • I always thought the most impressive thing about Teenagers From Outer Space was the way that they shot it completely in Los Angeles, yet made it seem very convincing as a small town. That was some very talented location scouting and shot framing.

  • Gamera

    Well if the monster has a good job, a great sense of humour, and loves kids a gal could do worse…

    I have to wonder what Spock’s mother Amanda would have thought of the title.

    The thing I remember best about ‘Teenagers’ is the beginning when the flying saucer lands and the title ‘TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE’ pops up. Then the hatch opens and a guy that looks about forty climbs out. The MST3K version had one of the ‘bots yell ‘Incredibly OLD teenagers from outer space!’

    Ahhhhhhhh, good times………

  • Rock Baker

    Would things really be better if producers hired actual teenagers to play youths in movies? I’ve always sort of given that one over to supsension of disbelief.

  • I would prefer age-appropriate actors, on the whole. I still can’t get over Steve McQueen in The Blob; he was supposed to be in high school but was actually 28 at the time! And he looks it.

  • Gamera

    Rock, not knocking the film since the fortyish guy is the captain with a bunch of young teenagers in training. Just seemed funny to me and apparently the MSK3K guys that we see the title ‘Teenagers’ and then the first alien we see is an adult.

  • Rock Baker

    So, The Blob starring Tony Dow? John Ashley was 35 when he was doing The Eye Creatures and Bikini Beach. Maybe because of that, he looks too youthful (to me) to be who he is in Brides of Blood.

  • Rock Baker

    If I remember high school correctly, some kids reach an age where they look as if they could be 16 or 30, or even older.

  • sandra

    Getting back to our original movie, it was the sexual poltics of I MARRIED A MONSTER that fascinated me. The writer obviously had a deep-seated fear and hatred of women. Marriage is something men get trapped into, because no man would actually want to marry a , you know, WOMAN. EWWW ! And of course, when the heroine realizes what’s going on, she can’t get anyone to listen because who pays attention to anything a mere woman says ?

  • Rock Baker

    I assume you’re kidding, since few heroines have been as resourcful and dynamic, even since the days of womens’ lib.

  • I’m sorry, Sandra, did you say something?

    (Do you see what I did there? Huh? Huh?)

  • The Rev.

    Oh, Ken! You and your delightful old-fashioned sexism! Ho ho ho! What a card you are, you crazy mug you!