Monster of the Day #29

Here’s an obscure one, compounded by the fact that it appears kind of generic.  Still, the film boasts some big horror stars and a name director, so if you think of that way, you’ll be getting warm.  Very warm.

  • BT

    I’m going with “Night of the Big Heat”.

  • Charles Goodwin

    Ah yes, Island of the Burning Doomed, or Night of the Big Heat if you prefer (for once I think I like the USA title over the original British one)… still, this is eclipsed in my childhood “terrors” by another film by the same director and starring one of the same actors.

  • “still, this is eclipsed in my childhood “terrors” by another film by the same director ”

    Would that be…”Island of Terror”. I saw that one in the theater when I was 10 years old on a double bill (Saturday matinée – ah the good old days) with “The Projected Man”. I loved the boneless animal carcasses in that flick.

  • BeckoningChasm

    “Island of Terror” is one of the few remaining VHS movies that I play regularly. I’ve never seen “Island of the Burning Doomed” but have always been curious about it.

  • The Rev. D.D.

    Island of the Burning Damned plays similarly to Island of Terror. I saw it way back in high school, and I recall that it’s pretty good, but latter movie’s quite a bit better.
    Still, those crazy egg-looking heat-loving aliens were pretty nifty.
    I have to admit, though, I’m now waiting for the Silicates to show up on the list…

  • Ha, you guys are unstumpable. Of course, I knew that about the Rev from direct (and BITTER!) experience.

  • Charles Goodwin

    Yes, Island of Terror… I saw it first when I was 8 and had nightmares for days. There’s just something about having all your bones dissolved that got to me (still does, in fact), even more so than being burned to a crisp. I too have been waiting for the Silicates to appear here! Go Team Silicates!

  • Charles Goodwin

    Ooh, Henry, The Projected Man, I saw that one too as a double bill with Island of Terror! I don’t know if he really qualifies as a “monster”, but I wouldn’t complain if Dr. Steiner showed up here one of these days.

  • Island of Terror is black and white so this must be Burning Doomed.

    I wonder who would win in a fight – the amorphous bone-dissolving silicon fiends of “Terror” or the heat-projecting alien horrors of “Burning Doomed”?

    Both feature Peter Cushing.

  • Rock Baker

    First saw this on TNTs 100% Weird as Island of the Burning Damned. I finally taped it when AMC aired it under the Island of the Burning Doomed title, but that was toward the end as AMC was slipping into the Dark Side. Still need a good prerecord, but at least I have the tape for Island of Terror!

    Island of the Burning Damned was a pretty adult flick, and in a funny turn hit US theaters on double bill with the wacky kiddie flick Godzilla’s Revenge!

    I always thought Night of the Big Heat sounded more like a 50s detective title.

  • Rock Baker

    Island of Terror was a color film. Did you see a TV print? Older ones usually are black and white. The 16mm Curse of the Werewolf I saw recently was black and white (but it was still a great movie and lots of fun to watch).

  • Every time I visit here I learn new things.

  • John Nowak

    You guys beat me. Sounds like a fun film.

  • brandywine

    Does it turn you into a Scotsman?

  • My copy of Island of Terror is actually the French edition, titled L’ile de la Terreur. It is totally black and white. Are you serious that it is in color? You sure one of us isn’t looney?

  • BeckoningChasm

    I have a VHS tape from MCA/Universal, and it’s totally in very good color–someone obviously spent a bit of effort to make a good presentation.

    This is the same version that’s kinda available from Amazon, for $60 smackers.

  • Petoht

    A skinless turkey is a monster?

  • Island of Terror is a color film.

  • John Nowak

    >A skinless turkey is a monster?

    Oddly enough, my understanding is that was what a certain Alien was going to look like until someone showed the director a collection of the art of HR Geiger…

  • The Rev. D.D.

    It’s just that shot where it has a turkeyesque cast. In full view it looks like a fried egg.

    Either way it makes me hungry.

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