Monster of the Day #15

From infinity they come. Meteors! Another strange calling card from the limitless regions of space – its substance unknown, its secrets unexplored. The meteor lies dormant in the night – waiting!

  • The Rev. D.D.

    I saw this when I was a wee shaver thanks to our local PBS affiliate, who’d play these sorts of movies on Friday nights. The revelation of the first petrified victim freaked me out. I still have a fondness for this movie even today; it’s not badly done, and it’s such an unique and offbeat monster.

  • Ericb

    I loved this moviea and like The Blob this one creeped me out quite a bit. I’ve always preferred monsters of the mindless non-vertebrate variety.

  • Ericb– There you go. That’s why I like Kronos, too, and disliked the Blob remake. They moved towards making the Blob sentient, and that just ruined it for me.

    (Also, the Blob wouldn’t leave bodies half-eaten, that makes no sense.)

  • KeithB

    Wait a minute! This monster is too good to have to share #14 with the (admittedly awesome) giant crab.

    So, is the Andromeda Strain next?

  • Marsden

    Yes, this is the second #14, Ken. A diabolical plot? A blow against the cruel aspices of Numberocracy? A typo? What does it all MEAN?!?

  • My son is interested in chemistry so I showed him this film. He was quite impressed and fascinated by the fact that the “monster” is basically an uncontrolled chemical reaction.

  • Now we all know who the real monster of the day is…MY INABILITY TO KEEP TRACK OF NUMBERS!

  • Sandy–He may wish to check out Magnetic Monster as well, then, although it lacks the mass destruction of this one.

  • KeithB

    And, while not so dramatic, the prions that cause Mad Cow Disease are pretty much just proteins that have run-amuck in their folding.

  • Ericb

    There’s debate on whether or not viruses can be considered living organisms rather then just renegade strands of DNA. They really don’t do anything other than use hijacked cells to replicate.

  • Rock Baker

    Another great flick from what I consider Universal’s TRUE Golden Age of Monster Movies! I first caught this one on the Sci-Fi Channel very, very early in its broadcasting (back when they showed Logan’s Run, UFO, and regularly ran COOL movies, a real lost age in TV history). Universal made some great stuff in the 50s, and I really wish they’d made Magnetic Monster (Although with Richard Carlson on board it almost has that feel, but for the most part it plays like a condensed Republic serial. A really cool one, but it could be slicker). I actually got to do a report on this movie in school. Its movies like The Monolith Monsters that molded me into the man I am today. [Your joke here]

  • fish eye no miko

    Oh, fuck yeah! This is a great movie with a truly unique monster. I got turned on to this one by Dr. Freex, and I definitely think it needs more love.