Monster of the Day #1627

Well, that’s sort of random.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    “Once, when he was very careless, Werewolf by Night wandered into a Lee-Kirby monster story from the late 1950’s, and he had no idea of the twist ending that would save him.”

  • Gamera977

    KROGG: ‘You guys might want to move aside, I ate at Taco Hell a few hours ago and think I’m going to spew… OH GOSH HERE IT COMES AND NOTHING CAN STOP IT!!!

  • Gamera977

    Off Topic again: My own personal shark week goes on. Watched ‘Deep Blue Sea’ which I thought sucked at first but I was enjoying it by the end. Oddly the Odious Comic Relief, played by a rapper no less, was far and away my favorite character and the guy I was rooting for to survive the film. And ‘Shark Lake’ which is proof that you can make a killer shark movie with about a dozen actors and a budget of probably about a few thousand bucks. Not that you should but that you can. Dolph Lungren was the only good thing about the movie- otherwise it was an hour and half wasted as far as I’m concerned. Not gleefully stupid like the last two ‘Jaws’ films or batguano insane like ‘Deep Blue Sea’ – just dull and pointless.

  • sandra

    So, WBN was out on a date with a girl who was into bondage, when they were interrupted by his cousin Krogg …

  • Flangepart

    “KROGG! So…that’s your name?”
    “Yeah, it’s Eastern European, I think.”
    “Okay, just wonderin’…fight’s on?”
    “Yup. Flaming spit-take comin’ right up!”

  • Eric Hinkle

    These little unconnected one-shots were usually great, simply because they were so completely bizarre.