Monster of the Day #1596

I hope everyone had a great holiday! And now a short workweek to go. Wheee!

  • Gamera977

    Props to the writers for accurately calling the creature Frankenstein’s Monster instead of just Frankenstein.

    Not sure why the young lady is running toward the battling behemoths instead of away from the them though. I’m wondering if it’s a boyfriend and ex-boyfriend thing going on here…

  • Beckoning Chasm

    Doctor Spektor is late to his own cover. He should’ve known that 10:30AM appointment would run long.

  • “GAK! My efforts to defeat the Frankenstein Monster using my newly acquired ability to transform into a werewolf* seem to have gone a wee bit awry. Lu-Sai, would you be a dear and search this featureless void for a pointy stick? It would be most appreciated at this juncture.”

    “First you want me to untie you, now you want me to fetch things for you. Doc, I totally think our relationship has issues.”

    “Could… could we have this discussion later? When my larynx isn’t in danger of being crushed?”

    Meanwhile, the Monster wonders if being bit by the Werewolf Doc. Spektor would turn him into a werewolf, and if that would make his life really any worse than it already was.

    * I’m not making this up, by the way. According to Wikipedia, which is always right and never, ever wrong, the good Monster Hunter could change into a werewolf for a limited time in his series. That’s most likely him being manhandled on the cover.

  • bgbear_rnh

    Are you saying the good doctor is a monstrous werewolf? I am sure Specktor would be one of those saintly werewolfs ;-)

  • From what I read, he was for a little while, then stopped. No doubt cured. Whether this cure in some way involved oars, branches, or some wood object I don’t know. I just hope.

  • Marsden

    That’s Dr. Spektor’s assistant, and the were-wolf is Dr. Spektor, I think.

    Where wolf? There wolf!

  • Flangepart

    there castle!
    Is that the Doc’s belt buckle?

  • Ken_Begg

    I don’t know…he’s not holding an oar….

  • zombiewhacker

    So you’re saying the girl is Suzie and the werewolf is Steve?

    “Steve’s a werewolf, and he’s my guy…”

    “Where oh werewolf… where is my werewolf…?”