Monster of the Day #1571

Not my Ghost Rider, especially the cartoony version in the comic book (same with this new Luke Cage comic), but on Agents of Shields he’s pretty sweet. I certainly like him better than Danny Ketch. I love the classic Johnny Blaze-esque jacket, although sadly it means that the actual Blaze Ghost Rider in the MCU now probably will be the one wearing the Ketch leather jacket. Oh, well.

The Blaze (I’m assuming) Ghost Rider appeared in a flashback cameo to give Robbie Reyes his powers, which in this version is passed along from GR to GR apparently. If you see a still of the Blaze Ghost Rider he has a clear bullet hole right in his forehead. Is Blaze dead, and his GR lives on? Maybe we’ll find out some day.

The Reyes GR seemed pretty popular. Best case scenario he gets a horror-themed Netflix show. You could use it to bring in Man-Thing, Werewolf by Night, etc.

I don’t watch regular TV anymore, but I followed the GR scenes of Agents of Shield on YouTube. The season is already coming to Netflix next month, though, so I guess I should have waited.

  • Marsden

    Good choice. I was also thinking Ultron would fit the category for MoTD.

    I was a little apprehensive about a car driving Ghost Rider, until I saw him in action, now I think I prefer the car. Good job all around. And after following Agents of SHIELD for 3 years straight I haven’t seen it too much this year because I’m working nights so I’m looking forward to that being on Netflix.

  • bgbear_rnh

    Boy, this poor guy did not inspire many comments. Maybe it is the holiday weekend. Be safe everyone and do not get too close to the BBQ flame like this man.

  • Hey, he’s already gotten three comments more than what my buddy Nightmask could ever expect…