Monster of the Day #1553

A few years ago at the Fest we started showing the greatest movie ever made, the Mexican flick Ship of Monsters. Tragically, the disc gave up the ghost about 2/3s of the way in. However, now there’s a subtitled version on YouTube, so we watched that. Thank you, smart TVs. Anyway, WATCH IT, you’ll thank me.

There are awesome ridiculous monsters, two sexy space babes (the bad one is, of course, a vampire), a magnificent clunky robot, and amazingly non-odious comic relief–the lead is a Bob Hope-type, and totally pulls it off, even his songs. Even more staggering, there’s a kid in the film who’s never annoying.

I *think* I’ve featured most of the monsters from this over the years, I hope so, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of them. Especially Zok, who’s the coolest monster ever.

  • Gamera977

    Ohhhhhhh, sounds awesome! Will check it out, thanks Ken.

  • Eric Hinkle

    I’ve seen this movie, and oh my Lord, is it ever insane. I love how they reveal the vampiric nature of one woman literally right out of nowhere as she swoops down on some screaming farmer and tears into him.

    I do wonder how desperate the women of Venus (I think?) must have been to reproduce, given the gang of freaks they assembled for the job.

  • bgbear_rnh

    I hear Mexico has pretty strict rules regarding illegal aliens.

  • Gamera977

    I used to hear the saying ‘she’s so buck-toothed she could eat an apple though a knothole in a wooden fence’.

    I think this lovely young vampress could suck the life out of you though a knothole in a wooden fence.

  • The Rev.

    Oh, this movie is amazing. We watched it twice B-Fest weekend, and then at Tween-Fest. I’d still happily watch it again right now. Everyone go see it immediately.

    Lorena Velazquez may be the hottest bad girl in cinematic history. Sweet lord she was gorgeous.

  • Rock Baker

    Of all the Mexican movies I wish had been imported, the most glaring hold-out is SHIP OF MONSTERS. This and BATWOMAN are two of the most nifty-keeno super cool flicks that never made it to the States. Subtitles are better than nothing, of course, but it’s really sad so delightful a pair of movies never received a dub track.

  • sandra

    I can’t find any version on Youtube that has subtitles, and I don’t speak Spanish.

  • Flangepart

    Every hear of a ‘unibrow’…she has a ‘unifang’.
    Seriously, it’s one curved fang that runs between each, er ‘point’. It’s like the prop guys took a shower curtain ring, broke it in half, and filed points at the ends.

  • Ken_Begg

    The songs would make that one extra difficult. Since I prefer subtitles, my main regret (which I beat like a dead horse on Fest weekend) was that the fantastic Casa Negra, which might have been my favorite DVD release company.

    There is a DVD of Ship of Monsters available with a supposedly fine print, but no subtitles! Do those really cost that much? Seems to me an easy way to massively expand your buying audience.

  • Ken_Begg

    Try the Professor Craigles video and turn on the CC.

  • Gamera977

    BTW I watched this over the weekend. And gee friggin’ whiz it’s all you claimed it was Ken and more!

    Not sure which one was Zok but I loved the skeleton guy and the Prince of Mars/brain guy the most. Brain guy showing his affection to Beta was a friggin’ riot. I’m picturing the director explaining the scene to her and telling her to look delighted as a midget in a goofy monster costume pawed her up and down. Hey that’s show biz folks!!!