Monster of the Day #1535

I’d say you can’t go wrong with cheesy, homemade-looking dinos. But ask the people who were at T-Fest when I showed The Mighty Gorga.

Still, for that one magical minute, it was the best film ever made.

  • Gamera977

    In the words of the movie’s ‘hero’ it’s a thingee!

    Watched this last night on YouTube, pretty tepid humour but I was smiling most of it and it did get a couple chuckles out of me.
    Best part was about 90% of the cast were very pretty young actresses. The adventuring party were all young ladies dressed in tiny shorts and the natives were some super cute jungle women. If someone filmed one of the comic’s Rock illustrated it would probably look pretty much like this.

  • bgbear_rnh

    Pretty young actresses, it is difficult to believe a film can be made w/o them.

  • bgbear_rnh

    This pterosaur looks about right for the live-action Flintsones.

  • Flangepart

    A costume perfect for kindergarten.
    “Hey, Mrs. Douglas, guess what I am!”
    “You’re a Pterodactyl! It’s a prehistoric bird.”
    “Uh…I was thinkin’ about mom’s dead Budgie after the cat got it.”
    “Oh…how creative.”

  • Rock Baker

    Well, in that case, I HAVE to get the film!

  • Wade Harrell

    At first I thought this image might have been one of the telepathic pterosaurs from “At The Earth’s Core” but those looked even less like the actual beasts.
    All this talk about tribes of jungle ladies reminded me of a movie I saw on cable back in the 90’s that I can’t remember the title of. In it, the tribe worshiped a rhinoceros statue. Not some kind of stone idol type thing, but a very realistic rhino like you might see in an old-fashioned natural history museum. I think they might have been underground too. Ring any bells?

  • They look like they’re hugging.

    “We’re gonna be best friends forever, aren’t we, Mr. Rhamphorhynchus?”

    “That’s right, Andy Ape. Best friends.”