Monster of the Day #1444

Hmm. Rock band / singer who makes deal with Satan? Check. Lots of nude ladies? Check. Glowing Eyes? Check. That’s our quota of three cliches, anything else is gravy.

  • The Rev.

    I first saw this in high school, and it left little impression on me as I forgot it over the years, save one gloriously stupid prop that I won’t ruin for anyone who wants to see it. A few weeks ago it came on, and I did not recognize it. My first thought as I started in was, “Hey, wasn’t that guy in The Lost Platoon?” which I had seen not long before. (And yes, he was. He was also in Demon Wind, which I’d also seen not long before, but as anyone else who’s seen that can attest, it’s not worth remembering anything about.) So, I continued watching, occasionally getting little niggling feelings like maybe I’d seen this before. Then out came that prop, and like a flood it all came back to me.

    Anyway, this is an all right “rock and roll is the devil’s music” type movie. I don’t regret having seen it again, and I’d be up for another viewing sometime. It’d make a good double bill with Trick or Treat. You could do a triple bill and play Black Roses first, but outside of one crazy death scene I don’t recall that one being very good, so you may want to skip it.

  • Gamera977

    Does Jon-Mikl Thor show up to fight Satan and save them? ;)

  • Wade Harrell

    I think the only reason anyone ever rented Black Roses was the box had the hologram devil-face on it. A group of friends and I rented this one night just to see what the hell it was. It turned out to be pretty hilariously awful. It’s like if the makers of Troll 2 tried to make a horror version of This is Spinal Tap.

  • Not every one rented Black Rose because of the cover . Sometimes it just takes a sticker.

    I’m almost positive I saw Black Rose because Mom saw it had a HOT sticker at Pharmor. She’d rent movies based on that criteria And when it bit us in the butt (and it ALWAYS BIT US IN THE BUTT) she’d say, “Well, it had a hot sticker on it.”

    We saw such terrible things because of this. Terrible. Things.