Monster of the Day #1441

Nudity was so much more common in these things back in the day. This softcore riff on Beauty and the Beast was quite popular on cable, as I recall, probably because its female (and much nude) starlet was one of the main cast on the big TV hit Twin Peaks.

  • Ah, the good old days. Back when I’d actually sit down and watch a Full Moon film.

    This one never sat well with me, as the Big Scene was basically a date rape of the two female leads. One that both women (if I recall correctly) not only brush off the incident but, in the case of Fenn’s character, actually gets into a romance with one of them (the furry, natch.)

    While I likes me some skyclad on occasion, I prefer it with less squick, thanks.

  • Rock Baker

    I remember thinking that this was actually a pretty decent movie. While not the grandest in scope, the location work gave it some production value. Seems like the effects tended to be pretty good. I don’t remember just a bunch of nudity, but I do recall reflecting on what was there and thinking that the lead actress was very pretty for someone willing to do nudity in a low budget DTV flick.

    I may have to see it again to refresh my memory, but I did walk away thinking that it was a much better film than I was expecting.

  • sandra

    If I recall correctly, he turns furry during intercourse and comes with a roar.