Monster of the Day #1393

Pick your poison, folks.

Last night, due to G-Fest being in town, I was able to see The Green Slime in a big old theater. I don’t want to oversell it, but it’s pretty much the greatest movie in cinema history.

  • Pick a cover, eh? Well then.

    With that first cover, almost everyone seems to be rather laid back about the situation. The mortal couple look like this is no more than a social faux pas, and the only thing they’re concerned with is slimy foot prints on the carpet. The ghosts don’t look that evil or real excited to come. It’s an obligation, a duty. Like Thanksgiving, only you can’t hate your family members to death, because they’re already dead.

    (I’m talk other people’s Thanksgivings, of course, as I love my family and my family tolerates me so long as I eat the court recommended five yards from the front porch with a bag over my head (plastic, natch).)

    The sole exception to the bored looks on the ghosts is, of course, Devil Ghost. That big grin and Come-here-child-I-have-some-candy look is positively chilling, and complete out of character for the rest of the cover.


    So. um. Pass on bother?

  • Gamera977

    Well, as to the first are you sure you want to marry into his family Bettie Page? I mean Frank there is a pretty handsome guy but he’s got a buttload of ugly in his family tree. Are you really sure you want to take a chance of your kids taking after Snake-boy or Squinty?

    As to the second is Hentai-worm metal? A mecha-snake would be pretty cool. Though it makes me think about those metal ‘snakes’ used to clean sewer lines…

  • Jeez, that metal snake. That is a horrific nightmare, right there. Brr.

  • bgbear_rnh

    If you want to know true horror, marry into a family of actors.

  • With the positioning of the price on the first one, it’s almost as if the creatures are coming out of the framed artwork for another issue of the magazine…..

  • Flangepart

    Slobbering giant metal worm…oil tank spring a leak after eating a clock tower?

  • Luke Blanchard

    The giant worm cover was drawn by Steve Ditko. He also drew the story.

  • Hey, you’re right about the ghouls. The hunchback in the foreground looks particularly bored: “Ho-hum, same old snake, same old shroud, decade after decade, boo, moan, I forged these chains in life, and so forth. You know the drill.”